Case Studies

Organizations around the world use Panzura’s global cloud file system to modernize data storage, master collaborative file sharing in real-time, become ransomware-resistant, and replace backup and disaster recovery processes, all while reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Packers Plus

Packers Plus was struggling with the storage capacity of their on-premise infrastructure. With Panzura, they moved to the cloud, reduced their on-premise storage footprint and enabled real time global collaboration.

Panzura case study - goop


With hundreds of products involving thousands of media files, and a desire to personalize their customer experience by curating messages and imagery based on machine-learning, goop needed an exceptionally global file system.



AFRY is a global Swedish engineering and design company in the fields of energy, industry, and infrastructure. With 16,000 people across 100 countries, they needed a way to consolidate their data and let their global teams collaborate on large scale Revit projects.

Panzura case study - Austin-Smith:Lord

Austin-Smith: Lord

With studios across the UK, this multi-disciplinary architecture and design firm needed people to work collaboratively on Revit and other CAD files, but latency between offices was making file operations so slow that this was impractical.

Panzura case study - Melbourne Football Club

Melbourne Football Club

With 200+ hours of HD video shot every week, requiring secure, highly available storage, this elite Australian-based sports organization needed a solution that wouldn’t exceed mandated league spending limits.

Customer success story - 2 trillion dollar bank & Panzura

$2 Trillion Wall Street Bank

This $2 Trillion Wall Street bank was able to replace aging infrastructure by moving to a private cloud, migrate 2,800+ legacy apps to the cloud without rewriting them, and meet stringent security, regulatory and high availability requirements with Panzura.

DoD Contractor

A leading contractor for the Department of Defense needed a solution that would enable them to move to the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud and collaborate on the same files in real-time, while meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

Panzura case study - Chevron


When oil drilling and production success depends on being able to gather, store, transfer, analyze, and protect enormous volumes of data, as well as access it years later for current analysis, fast, global access to archived data is imperative.

TLC Engineering

TLC Engineering for Architecture is a dynamic engineering firm with a diversity of talent, expertise, and skill to deliver design projects that span the major markets and around the world.