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Panzura Detect and Rescue

Detect Ransomware in as Little as Two Minutes

Speed to detection means speed to back-to-business. Panzura Detect and Rescue detects and contains known (and unknown) ransomware variants in near real-time.

Your Data Could Be Under Attack Right Now, and You Wouldn't Know It

56% of organizations failed to detect attacks for months. You need an early warning system to keep cyber-criminals from creating business-ending havoc.



of organizations suffered a significant loss of revenue

Ransomware: the True Cost to Business



mean reported recovery cost per incident

The State of Ransomware 2023


did not detect they were under attack for 3-12 months

Ransomware: the True Cost to Business

Your Early-Warning Tripwire For Attacks on CloudFS

The faster you know you're under attack, the less damage done. Now you can add near real-time ransomware detection to the immutability you get with CloudFS, letting you shrug off ransomware even more rapidly.

  • Custom-fit detection. Your file usage patterns and environment are unique; that's why we train our AI-infused detection algorithms to learn what normal looks like for you.
  • Rescue when you need it most. If you're attacked, you'll get expert help and peace of mind for you and the business.

With Panzura, Infected Doesn't Mean Affected

Faster detection means less time spent recovering back to clean data. Learn how Detect and Rescue helps.


Detect Ransomware in Near Real-Time

Cyber-threats keep evolving, and criminals are deploying faster. You need a smart, AI-infused perimeter warning system that keeps pace.

Panzura Detect and Rescue

Recover From Ransomware in Hours, Not Months

Shrug off an attack with fast alerting and automated containment on known and unknown ransomware. Get expert help in recovery, so you can get back to business faster.

Protect Your Career and Your Organization 

Ransomware attacks can be career-ending as well as business-ending. Protect not just your organization, but your career, by ensuring you have the fastest path to detection and recovery.


Strengthen Your Position with Cyberthreat Insurers 

Cyberthreat insurance costs continue to rise, while coverage may be harder to find. Panzura Detect and Rescue can strengthen your position for getting and keeping the coverage you need.

Everything You Need

Admin-friendly Reporting and Management

Empower your frontline IT admins to manage, monitor, and share updates on suspicious activity. 

Customized Detection

Improve detection accuracy. Your CloudFS environment and usage is unique. Because Detect and Rescue is trained on your environment, you'll get more accurate anomaly detection for better, faster alerting.

Notification Within Minutes

Speed SMS and / or email notifications within minutes, automatically, to your choice of recipients.

Highly Efficient, Effective Monitoring

Save processing resources and costs. Our innovative monitoring method eliminates constant scanning on the node.

Expert Help Before, During, and After Recovery

Get the help you need to optimize resilience before an attack, and in recovery. You don't have to go it alone.

Complete Alerting History

Give security and audit teams the info they need, fast. We preserve the full history of alerts and make it easy to share.

Every single country has Panzura running, and they are globally working together. It’s a fundamental because, for the majority of time over the last 20 years, those regions have been in silos and we had to shuffle content back and forth.


With Panzura, we deployed one global cloud file system across all sites, enabling engineers and designers to collaborate as one global team, dramatically increasing productivity and improving our bottom line.


Panzura has been solving Kickstart enterprise cloud data issues for over a decade and they know how to work with sports teams’ critical data. We are excited that they will be solving our cloud data issues for years to come. We found the partner we’d been looking for.


We initiated a cloud-first strategy and selected Panzura to consolidate our traditional storage environment, centralize and manage unstructured data in the cloud, and reduce our operating cost.


We run on AWS cloud and wanted a solution supporting multi-cloud architecture. With Panzura, our cloud data environments are running flawlessly. And getting data organized and accessible is worth its weight in gold!


The Panzura solution was really a game changer for us. Essentially what we’ve done is create a global organization that is now virtually working in the same room.


Customized Ransomware Detection, Near Real-Time Alerting for Your CloudFS

Don't be complacent. Even though CloudFS is immutable and the Panzura Data Management Platform is proven, cybercriminals can cost you time recovering from attacks. You'll get near real-time detection and expert help with Detect and Rescue. When ransomware strikes, you'll know fast, and won't have to go it alone. The Panzura Data Management Platform makes it all possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

By encrypting or exfiltrating vital data and holding it for ransom, cybercriminals can devastate an organization. Encrypted data can stop you from operating and delivering services to customers, clients, partners, and patients. Even if the ransom is paid, many organizations cannot recover all their files. Further, it can take weeks and months of work to restore files and recover business continuity. The reputational damage and economic fall-out from ransomware is an existential threat to organizations of all sizes. 

Many organizations have IT cybersecurity teams dedicated to data security, but IT infrastructure has a shared responsibility for ransomware resilience. Those responsible for storage also need to be part of the test plan for recovery, to ensure prioritization of those files most important for business continuity. Even with the immutable snapshots and byte-level encryption used in Panzura CloudFS, active protection using ransomware detection software is vital for minimizing ransomware's impact. By slashing the time for detection, ransomware recovery using last known-good snapshots is accelerated.  

Ransomware resilience is based on multiple layers of protection. The more layers, the more resilience. By consolidating NAS storage in the cloud, you gain robust passive protections such as byte-level encryption and immutable snapshots. Hybrid cloud storage can also provide cloud mirroring to help mitigate the impact of cyberattacks and speed recovery. With added layers of protection from ransomware-detection applications and expert restoration support, even complex enterprise hybrid cloud storage architectures build ransomware resilience. 

Ransomware resilience is a shared responsibility among everyone in an organization. This includes storage teams, who should be part of recovery planning and testing. Why? Even with endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions, all devices may not be protected. For example, CAD / CAM printers, medical imaging tools, and other peripherals may be the penetration target for a ransomware attack that spreads to stored files. To optimize infrastructure, consider hybrid cloud architectures that take frequent and immutable snapshots of the entire storage footprint, such as Panzura CloudFS. The added layer of active detection and interdiction provided by Panzura Detect and Rescue for CloudFS data bolsters the robust passive protections provided by immutable storage and byte-level encryption. 

Cloud storage systems are popular destinations for NAS consolidation. Not only will the cloud help improve cybersecurity, it can optimize storage and add layers of ransomware resilience to ensure data availability during a ransomware attack. Capabilities like immutable snapshotting, automated failover, mirroring, and byte-level encryption strengthen ransomware resilience and cybersecurity. 

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