Panzura on Wasabi

What could you do with your data, if cloud storage costs weren’t getting in your way?

Get hot 🔥 cloud object storage from Wasabi. Pay 80% less than AWS S3.

Secure, high availability cloud storage can get very pricey as your data volumes grow. But, you need that data. That’s why Panzura partners with Wasabi – hot cloud storage that allows you to keep an infinite amount of data, affordably. 

Wasabi lets you store all the data you need



Hot cloud storage costs less than cold cloud storage. Now you can afford to keep all your data.



Performance speeds faster than the competition means your data is always at your finger tips.



Guard your data from mishaps, hackers, and thieves with the cloud’s first immutable data storage.


No Tiers

Hot data archiving means no more data tiers: you get fast access to all data, hot or cold, at the same low price.

Turn Wasabi hot cloud storage into a high performance global file system with Panzura

Wasabi + Panzura = unmatched economics, scalability and simplicity

🔥 Affordable primary storage for on-premises applications.

🔥 Cost-effective secondary storage for backup, for disaster recovery in the cloud or for data migration initiatives.

🔥 Affordable and reliable archival storage for compliance and long-term data retention.

Panzura & Wasabi - smart cloud storage for less

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