M&S Engineering Boosts Security, Productivity, Optimizes Storage

M&S Engineering Boosts Security, Gains Productivity, Optimizes Storage


M&S Engineering uses an industry-specific software tool – Power Line Systems – to model complex electrical transmission systems. That software relies heavily on large point cloud data sets and generates substantial file sizes. File updating and management among company offices was wasting time and cutting into productivity. In addition, there were concerns about data security, ransomware threats and aging computer infrastructure.


M&S implemented Panzura CloudFS and Panzura Mobile to give users in remote offices a single global file system and help simplify data management, making the same data accessible in real-time to all locations.



We've been able to get our deliverables to our clients quicker, using less man hours. If that's not a statement for ROI, I don't know what is.

- Clay Pilkilton, Director of IT Security and Infrastructure

Solving Multiple Issues With One Solution

If we wanted to stay competitive in the AEC market, we needed to go to the next step. And that's why we went to Panzura.

- Clay Pilkilton, Director of IT Security and Infrastructure

Panzura’s proprietary deduplication and compression reduced our data footprint by 40% instantly

- Clay Pilkilton

Minimizing hardware and storage

Benefits at a glance