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Why Panzura

Delivering Digital Transformation

Panzura successfully delivers the most complex workloads across all data localities, from the data center to multi-cloud. Move-to-the-cloud initiatives are accelerated with a simple deployment that provides robust resilience against ransomware and other malware.

Why Panzura – delivering digital transformation

Why CIOs Look to Panzura

Cloud storage costs are escalating and there is a lack of visibility into and control over cost drivers.

Panzura uniquely controls unstructured data volumes, allowing them to be stored, managed and accessed in the cloud.

Legacy data-center IT stacks inhibit deployment of large scale data services due to operational complexity and drag.

Panzura replaces complex, often multi-vendor legacy infrastructure with a simplified deployment and a data services overlay.

Cloud data protection and compliance

Ransomware and other cyber security threats drive demand for increased security for all data workflows.

Panzura provides data with immutability, protecting it even in the event of a data breach.

Empowering global collaboration – Panzura

Implementation of digital business transformation initiatives requires global  management of unstructured user data.

True transformation involves up-to-the-minute data. Only Panzura handles user data at transformative speed and volume.

Drive productivity and accelerate operational outcomes

Modern IT demands are forcing IT decision makers to seek new solutions and providers.

Panzura is uniquely engineered for data performance and efficiency, moving data to where it needs to be.

Panzura Overview

  • Recognized leader in hybrid multi-cloud data management software systems
  • Proven expertise supporting the most rigorous, large scale multi-site enterprise data workflows for over a decade
  • Deployed across multiple industry vertical markets including financial services, healthcare, media, sports, manufacturing, engineering, and government
  • Best-positioned player to exploit expanding opportunity in a rapidly accelerating market environment
  • Popular utilization includes replacing legacy storage with Panzura hybrid cloud solution
  • A focus on data services, edge, technology integration and global implementation services make us the market leader

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