Panzura and Microsoft Azure

Transform Azure cloud storage into a high performance enterprise file system.

With Panzura, you can consolidate your unstructured data into Azure cloud storage and gain a complete global cloud file system that lets your entire enterprise operate like everyone’s in the same office.

Panzura is proud to be a Microsoft Co-Sell Partner. CloudFS and Panzura Mobile are available for purchase from the Azure Marketplace.

Turn Azure cloud storage into a high performance global file system with Panzura

Panzura cloud partner - Microsoft Azure

Leading enterprises trust Panzura on Azure to deliver a high performance file system that maximizes productivity and minimizes cost

Panzura case study - AFRY

International engineering, design and advisory company AFRY chooses Panzura on Azure to allow its 17,000 strong staff to work collaboratively across 40 countries.

Panzura case study - Melbourne Football Club
Elite sporting organization the Melbourne Football Club chooses Panzura on Azure for secure, highly available storage for 200+ hours of HD video shot every week without exceeding league spending limits.
CDW and Panzura case study - Pret A Manger

Global provider of handmade,
natural food Pret A Manger chooses Panzura on Azure to deliver a cloud-based file sharing system that enabled its teams to collaborate across multiple offices in multiple countries.

Azure + Panzura = secure, scalable, highly productive cloud storage

🔒 Scalable cloud storage you won’t outgrow.

🔒 Flexible as your needs change.

🔒 Built-in security to keep your data safe.

Panzura & Wasabi - smart cloud storage for less