Panzura + IBM Cloud Object Storage

Transform IBM COS into a ransomware-proof, performant global cloud file system, for a high performance, high intelligence environment, globally.

Operate as if you just have one office, delivering LAN performance, and technology, plus ransomware resilience globally, with data stored on IBM COS.

With Panzura, you can consolidate unstructured data into IBM Cloud Object Storage, collaborate across distributed sites, and search and analyze data to drive insights. Panzura eliminates copy data sprawl, improves data security, and reduces total cost of ownership by up to 70%, versus network-attached storage.

Enterprises in media and entertainment, genomics, life sciences, healthcare, oil and gas, financial services, and more choose Panzura to consolidate their data into IBM Cloud Object Storage while retaining LAN speed and performance, and without requiring application rewrites. 

Turn IBM Cloud Object Storage into a high performance global file system with Panzura

IBM + Panzura = enterprise grade cloud storage with economy, scalability and simplicity

🔥 Affordable primary storage.

🔥 Cost-effective secondary storage for backup, for disaster recovery in the cloud or for data migration initiatives.

🔥 Data protection without multiple copies.

Two-times world series champions  Miami Marlins choose Panzura on IBM for secure, highly available storage for  HD video.