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We Don’t Sell Storage. We Make Your Stored Data Easier To Access.

Panzura’s award-winning CloudFS global file system gives you the ability to access any file from anywhere at any time. It’s faster, cheaper, more secure, and way more intelligent than anything else. Simply put, it’s the best there is.

Legacy solutions belong in the past. CloudFS is a foundation for the future.

CloudFS makes enterprise business more productive by consolidating data from multiple locations into a single authoritative data source that’s deduplicated, compressed, and protected against ransomware.

CloudFS Global File System dynamically coordinates where files are stored, what gets sent to the cloud, who has edit and access rights, which files are cached locally, and how data is managed.

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We understand your most critical data challenges.

IT Challenges

  • Inability to store and protect all data
  • Difficulty managing file access and permissions
  • Slow file transfer speeds for critical data
  • Inconsistent data sets, particularly between sites
  • Conflicting file versions result in data loss
  • Local storage, data replication, and backups cause poor recovery times

Business Challenges

  • Rapid data growth and duplication
  • Difficulty Sharing Data Across Locations
  • Maintaining and proving regulatory and privacy compliance
  • Inefficient usage of server and storage resources, server sprawl
  • User productivity limitations productivity, hampering business growth
  • Complex IT infrastructure consumes time and CapEx


Solutions designed to clear the road and make your business better — in a big way!


Work smarter, not harder.

When you work with one globally-accessible data set,  you’re optimizing everything for maximum performance and productivity at any scale. Storage, analytics, disaster recovery, security, your workforce's sanity. Everything.

  • Distributed Data Consolidation / makes data accessible and durable without making copies, for as little as 1/3 the total cost of legacy storage
  • Cloud Block Store Parallel Storage / Delivers cloud-native, auto-scaling storage for systems with workloads that require extremely large and potentially temporary cache
  • Hybrid Cloud NAS / Leverages the cloud for the single source of truth while ensuring secure, global access throughout the enterprise


We set the security bar high — and then rise above it. Far above.

CloudFS meets even the most exacting requirements for data availability, usability, security, and compliance at scale.

  • Security & Compliance / Incorporates FIPS 140-2 certified and 256-bit military-grade encryption, secure erase, and other important security features.
  • Immutable Data Protection / Attacks don’t damage files in the Panzura global file system. The system quickly reverts back to previous file versions via immutable data captured by snapshots.


Panzura users don’t have any boundaries.

CloudFS doesn’t care how big your organization is, how many sites you have, or where your team works. Everyone can access the same data in real-time, accelerating organizational productivity and elevating business performance.

  • Cross-Site Collaboration / Collaborate in real time with other users around the globe at near zero latency.
  • Cloud Mirroring / Mirror entire cloud file data to a completely separate cloud, writing to both at the same time for a fail-safe data operation.
  • Global File Distribution / Rapidly distributes files through a global namespace, leveraging local caching services for performance that’s second to none.

Increased Flexibility We're Cloud-Native To The Core.

Choose from a wide variety of object stores. CloudFS software works seamlessly with whatever object store you prefer, delivering peerless performance in the process.

This means your data is exactly where you need it when you need it. You never have to make copies, so you can quickly and easily harness any cloud-native machine learning, artificial intelligence, or document imaging tools to turn your data into game-changing business outcomes.

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screenshot of version restoration of data

Ransomware Protection Infected doesn’t mean affected.

CloudFS makes data impervious to ransomware and other damage by storing it in an immutable form, and further protecting it with read-only snapshots.

These snapshots provide the granular point-in-time ability to recover individual files, folders, or even the entire file system in minutes, without losing data. Ever. Therefore an attack doesn’t result in any significant downtime or loss of productivity.

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Edge, A CloudFS Gateway

File sharing and access have never been easier. Safely access your data anytime, anywhere; collaborate with third parties; and avoid duplication—all within a ransomware-resilient environment.

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I no longer have to worry about backup and restoration. The data is all there. I can pull my backup and restore files whenever needed.


Knowledge is power. Use our resources to find out more.

Check out our blogs, customer stories, case studies, and whitepapers here.

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