Panzura CloudFS.

Panzura’s award-winning global cloud file system CloudFS™ lets even the largest organizations use the cloud like it’s a high performance, globally available data center.

Coming in at just 1/3 of the TCO of legacy infrastructure, CloudFS makes data accessible and durable without making copies.

Panzura CloudFS - the fastest global file system on the planet

Chosen By Major Enterprises and Federal Government Organizations

Panzura CloudFS™ is a global cloud file system built from the ground up to power enterprise-scale deployments in the cloud, and allow distributed teams to work collaboratively. CloudFS goes beyond hybrid cloud file storage to offer a global cloud file solution that delivers unprecedented cloud performance and scale, with exceptional operational efficiencies, and inherent ransomware protection.

When Everything Hinges on Data,
Solving Data Challenges is Vital.

Business Challenges.

Rapid data growth and duplication

Maintaining and proving regulatory and privacy compliance

Inefficient usage of server and storage resources, server sprawl

Poor productivity, hampering business growth

Complex IT infrastructure consumes time and CapEx

IT Challenges.

Inability to store and protect all data

Slow file transfer speeds for critical data

Inconsistent data, particularly between sites

Conflicting file versions result in data loss

Local storage, data replication and backups cause poor recovery times

Cloud Data Services

Radically Simplify and Consolidate Your Data.

Consolidate data from multiple locations into a single authoritative data set that’s deduplicated, compressed and protected against ransomware.

The result is one globally-accessible data set, optimized storage containing no redundant data, a resilient file system that requires no additional backup, rapid disaster recovery, one view over your entire file network and the same enterprise-grade file performance for every user, in every location.

More than simply a replacement for your legacy NAS, it’s a complete data management solution for the cloud age.

Radically Simplify and Consolidate Your Data – Panzura

Proven to Meet All Critical Customer Requirements.

CloudFS meets even the most exacting requirements for data availability, usability, security and compliance, at scale. 

FIPS 140-2 Certified

FIPS 140-2 Certified

Military-grade security protects data with encryption to guard against interception, in flight and at rest.

Cloud mirroring for maximum data availability - Panzura

High Availability

Local high availability and cloud mirroring keeps data available, even if your primary cloud goes down.


Data Compliance

Monitor data movement and comply with regional data sovereignty and regulatory requirements.


Leverage Your Entire Workforce, Globally.

Empowering project teams to work across sites – and across borders – so it feels like they’re all in the same office isn’t just possible.  It dramatically improves your productivity, and accelerates your project delivery.

Automatic real time file locking

Automatic real time file locking

Maintain data integrity with file locking that ensures only one user can ever edit a file at the same time.

Immediate global data consistency

Immediate global data consistency

Once saved, file edits made anywhere are visible everywhere, without delay.

Local file operation performance

Local file operation performance

Even the largest and most complex files open and save as fast as if they were still stored locally.

Ransomware Protection

Panzura makes data impervious to ransomware and other damage by storing it in an immutable form, and further protecting it with read-only snapshots.

These snapshots provide granular point-in-time ability to recover individual files, folders, or even the entire file system in minutes, without losing data.

Ransomware Protection Snapshots
Work from Anywhere with Remote Access

Performance to the Edge

Natively integrated mobile capabilities provide seamless and performant access to your cloud data with enterprise-level security, even when your people can’t be in the office.


Put Your Data Exactly Where it Needs to Be. Precisely When it Needs to be There.

Choose where to store your data, without compromising on performance, security or data intelligence. Make that data available wherever it needs to be, without making copies. Position yourself for true digital transformation by quickly and easily harnessing whichever cloud-native machine learning, artificial intelligence, or document imaging tools can make the most of your data.

CloudFS - the global cloud file system managing and protecting data
"I no longer have to worry about backup and restoration. The data is all there. I can pull my backup and restore files whenever needed"
—Department of Defence Contractor