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Powering critical data workflows

Some of the world’s largest and most innovative firms trust Panzura to streamline collaborative workflows across the globe to deliver vital infrastructure projects on time and on budget.

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Let Panzura manage the mountains of data for you which will allow you to streamline workflows and improve efficiencies across your organization.

Built for Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Calling AEC businesses “data-heavy” would be an understatement. As data volumes increase and data islands multiply across organizations, you need a data management solution that allows your team to collaborate and share information in any location — in seconds, not hours. Lucky for you, that’s what we do!

Designed to guard against data loss and damage

Moving large amounts of data between locations — or even within the same building — puts you at risk of attacks. Panzura protects your entire organization against modern cyber threats, including any data deletion or damage, with rapid recovery to pristine files without losing data or paying ransoms.

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Engineered to empower real-time collaboration

Get your teams working together on Revit and AutoCAD files with automatic, immediate file locking that prevents accidental file collisions, versions, or overwrites. Panzura also facilitates high-speed collaboration with industry-specific applications essential to maintaining productivity in high-performance environments.


Constructing the perfect data architecture

Reduce your storage footprint by removing duplicated data. Consolidate your data into a single data source that’s securely available across your organization for a fraction of the TCO of other solutions and scale your data storage needs purposefully rather than needlessly duplicating files.

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With Panzura, we deployed one global cloud file system across all global sites, enabling engineers and designers to collaborate as one global team, dramatically increasing productivity and improving our bottom line.

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