Security & Encryption

Panzura CloudFS™ incorporates FIPS 140-2 certification, military grade encryption, secure erase, and other important security features to protect an enterprises’ most valuable asset.

Panzura Technology - Security & Encryption


Panzura ensures enterprises are responsible for their portion of the shared responsibility security model employed by so many clouds today. When connected to the cloud, enterprises should make sure the cloud has strong security measures — but should also make sure not to rely on cloud encryption and security measures alone.

Panzura CloudFS encrypts data in two ways:

Data at rest is encrypted using AES 256-bit algorithms.

Data in transit is encrypted using TLS 1.2.

Panzura’s Secure Erase Feature:

IT environments often require the ability to securely remove all traces of highly sensitive files. Secure erase makes it possible to delete a file or folder so that the contents cannot be restored, even using the most advanced technology available.

The secure erase capability:

Is the highest purge level that can be attained without physically destroying the disk drives.

Removes all versions of specified files and folders from the Panzura Freedom Filer and the associated objects stored in the cloud.

Ensures all data is securely erased and replaced with zeros.

Can be used with any supported cloud provider.

Private Secure Sites

A private secure site, also known as a dark site, is an installation with security restrictions that requires absolutely no external communications. These installations can include government and military sites, government and military contractors, industries such as healthcare and finance, and regulated industries such as gaming.

Panzura Freedom fully supports private secure site mode which will disable all external public communications in a manner that is compliant with the most stringent security requirements.

Additional Important Security Features

Strong, standards-based authentication methods for file access.

Secure access to Panzura
administration tools.

Data is deduplicated and compressed before it’s sent to the cloud, providing an additional layer of security by obfuscating the data.

To learn more about Enterprise Cloud Data Protection and Compliance, download the technology brief.

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