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Hybrid cloud storage & file services are on the rise

Consolidate file data in the cloud of your choice. Make it bulletproof, so you can rapidly shrug off ransomware. Deliver files to people and processes — wherever they are, whenever they need it, faster than anybody else can. All with one hybrid cloud file platform.

Welcome to Panzura.

Hybrid cloud storage & file services to fuel your innovation — Panzura
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Panzura Acquires Moonwalk to Bolster Hybrid-Cloud File Data Management

The most competitive organizations can do more, faster.

It's incredibly tough to be in IT. Every minute spent trying to solve slow file access challenges, see what’s going on in siloed storage environments, keep data safe, move it around, or beat back ransomware attacks is a minute that holds business back.

Panzura empowers today's digitally-led organizations to do impossible things with file data, making them more agile, efficient, resilient, and productive.

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Streamline file operations. Prioritize innovation.

When IT teams plan storage infrastructure modernization projects, they typically find that file data poses a challenge that few hybrid cloud solutions are well equipped to address.

File data is often amongst the most valuable data an organization holds. In many cases, files aren’t just valuable – they are the business product.

Even files that aren’t actively in use hold immense value by way of business intelligence and insights, which can be mined by AI.

That means the hybrid cloud storage and file services platform they choose has the ability to unlock immense value and productivity for their teams and their workflows.

Fuel your innovation with hybrid cloud storage & file services that make cloud migrations easy

Bolster your data resilience.

  • Make your data immutable to bad actors and unintentional damage with cyberstorage.
  • Stop ransomware in its tracks with AI-driven detection and precise, automatic interdiction.
  • Restore clean file data in seconds, without data loss.
  • Safeguard data with DoD-grade encryption and air-gapped data protection.
  • Get built-in backup, disaster recovery, and cloud storage resilience.

Gain visibility of your data, users, and usage.

  • Understand the file data you're storing and how it's being used.
  • Identify user account behavior anomalies in real time to protect your assets.
  • Free up storage space and budget with the intelligence you need to make good decisions.
  • Empower your teams to collaborate globally without latency or data corruption.
  • Save thousands of IT hours a year with streamlined file operations.

Deliver file data flawlessly, globally.

  • Maximize productivity and innovation by letting distributed teams work like they're all in the same room.
  • Empower performant, real time file collaboration from edge, to core, to cloud.
  • Turn the cloud (or any object store) into the fastest global file system on the planet.
  • Dramatically reduce storage volumes with granular, hyper-efficient consolidation and deduplication.
  • Prepare file data to leverage AI-driven insights and innovation in your own unique context.

Master file data management, in and out of public and private cloud.

The minutes users spend every day waiting for files to open and save are not trivial. File sharing that makes users wait for file updates to show up is a serious drain on productivity. Inability to see and understand where data is stored and what's being done with it creates risk. It all slows business down.

Empower true digital transformation by creating an environment where users, processes, and AI all have immediate, secure access to the file data they need, wherever they need it, so everyone can do their best work.

Control unstructured, file data sprawl and unconstrained growth. And, more easily fend off threats and mitigate disruption with multiple layers of resiliency.

ROI. That's why.

Better outcomes. Less cost. More speed. Greater productivity. Hardened resilience. All from Panzura.

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Don't take our word for it. Here’s what our customers are saying.

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Every single country has Panzura running, and they are globally working together. It’s a fundamental because, for the majority of time over the last 20 years, those regions have been in silos and we had to shuffle content back and forth.”

— Walt Disney Corporation

With Panzura, we deployed one global cloud file system across all sites, enabling engineers and designers to collaborate as one global team, dramatically increasing productivity and improving our bottom line.”

— Afry

Panzura has been solving enterprise cloud data issues for over a decade and they know how to work with sports teams’ critical data. We are excited that they will be solving our cloud data issues for years to come. We found the partner we’d been looking for.”

— New Orleans Saints

We initiated a cloud-first strategy and selected Panzura to consolidate our traditional storage environment, centralize and manage unstructured data in the cloud, and reduce our operating cost.”

— Fluor

We run on AWS cloud and wanted a solution supporting multi-cloud architecture. With Panzura, our cloud data environments are running flawlessly. And getting data organized and accessible is worth its weight in gold!”

— Goop

The Panzura solution was really a game changer for us. Essentially what we’ve done is create a global organization that is now virtually working in the same room.”

— Eric Hanson, VP of IT and Business Optimization, Milwaukee

Hybrid cloud storage solutions for maximum performance, security, and resilience.

We work with all popular cloud storage providers, as well as on-premises object stores, so you can move, manage, see, and work with file data in and out of the cloud of your choice. And, you can gain even greater resilience when you mirror file data to a secondary cloud.

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