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Panzura Edge provides anytime, anywhere secure access to CloudFS data

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Increase Productivity with Safe Access to Your Unstructured Data

With Panzura Edge—and conventional internet connections—you give workers and partners a highly secure gateway to their CloudFS-held files. No file duplication or moving assets out of your ransomware-resilient environment. No lost productivity because your expert worker is out of town.
No over-sharing of intellectual property. No lack of talent because workers are global and want the flexibility to work without commuting.
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Your Data, Your Rules: Keep Granular Control for Total Security

As with CloudFS, Edge employs several layers of protection to ensure that only authorized recipients can access files. The full range of password and lockout policies set in Active Directory are enforced. Other security measures include two-factor authentication, granular user and file sharing permissions, client application security policies, HIPAA compliant audit trail, and FIPS 140-2 security standard used by US government agencies. Edge secures data in flight using the latest encryption methods and industry-standard protocols.

Own the Experience with Your Brand Front and Center

You're providing file access that feels like being logged into the corporate network as well as highly convenient and powerful mobile sharing and collaboration. So make it your own. Enable watermarks over documents being previewed to protect sensitive or valuable data. Use your domain and display your logo. Customize any element of the user interface using CSS for a cohesive look and feel.

Reduce the Cost of Business

Anytime, anywhere file access using any device saves time and boosts convenience without disruptive change. Continue to access local files quickly, reduce data duplication and shadow IT, and maintain hybrid-cloud flexibility. Keep your file permissions and usual security measures. Keep your data right where it is. Now also streamline third-party collaboration and side-step your expensive and slow VPN.


Connect Securely

Securely connect your two most valuable assets: your people and your data.

Increase Flexibility

Add flexibility for increased productivity and time savings.

Streamline Collaboration

Streamline collaboration, including with third parties.

Reduce Data Duplication

Continue reducing data duplication, shadow IT, and cost.

Collaborate Easily, with Military-Grade Security

There are several ways to secure Edge for file and folder sharing inside and outside of your organization. We can recommend the best method for your network that provides a server message block (SMB) connection between Edge, CloudFS, and your Active Directory. Then, users retain full control over their data by creating password-protected zip files. Large files can be uploaded without the need for a plugin—and if connectivity is lost during the upload, when it’s restored, the data flow seamlessly continues without a bothersome restart. If storage is sufficient, Edge has no file size limit. Workers have more choice, more ways to get work done without delays and technical obstacles.

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High-level Architecture: How Panzura Edge Enables Secure File Sharing, Sync And Mobile Access


Edge supports how your teams work.

The Edge web app & native iOS/Android apps make CloudFS file collaboration easy, whether people are internal to your org or external.

Storage and protection sized right.

Your specific needs—based on user counts, locations, and BC/DR strategy— can be met now and in the future.

Easy administration and auditability.

Through a web-based control panel, admins can view and manage users, groups, shares, and audit logs.

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“Panzura gives us the flexibility to grow over time and absolutely nails the performance at the predictable pricing we need.”

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Panzura Edge: Scale Now for the Future of Work



Edge-computing market
size reached in the next 24 months



IT Executives planning to migrate more workloads to the cloud
for flexibility and cost management in next 24 months



of the U.S. labor force are now working from home full-time



of top performers work completely remotely



EU employees wanting more access to collaboration tools

Rest Easy with Visibility & Automated Alerting

Within the device control panel, admins can enforce additional security settings to manage mobile data and devices. They can limit the number of downloads for a shared file, automatically expire a share, and prevent downloads. The system monitors all access attempts and takes multiple steps to prevent unauthorized access after login. Unique capabilities to monitor, prevent, and fix data leakage are also onboard.
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