Award-Winning Global Cloud File System

Turn cloud storage into a high performance global file system

Use cloud storage like a globally available data center, driving a high performance environment across your entire organization.

Simplify unstructured data with one authoritative data source, one set of data to manage in an automatically resilient file system, one security policy and one view over your entire file system.

Let your best people work together with the same local-feeling file performance, regardless of where they are. 

Award-winning global cloud file system - Panzura

Local File System Performance at Cloud Scale

Panzura’s award-winning hybrid cloud approach means our global cloud file system delivers the performance of local storage, coupled with the economics of public or private cloud storage. 

Automatic global file locking from the fastest global cloud file system on the planet

Real-time Automatic Global File Locking

Only one user can ever edit a file at the same time.

Immediate data consistency from the fastest global cloud file system on the planet

Immediate Global Data Consistency

Once saved, file edits are visible everywhere, without delay.

Local file performance from the fastest global cloud file system on the planet

Local File Operation Performance

Files open and save as fast as if they're stored locally.

Panzura's global cloud file system powers critical workflows for global enterprises

Built To Make You More Productive

Panzura was built from the ground up to be your fast path through the cloud. Every part of your implementation is optimized around speed, collaboration and robustness. No other technology can move big files faster. Which means your best people can do more of what makes them awesome and spend less time waiting on the cloud for their files.

Collaboration at the Core

See updates in real time, or work on the same file at the same time. Panzura’s advanced global file locking protocol supports file and byte range locking to let your people edit a file without overwriting each other, regardless of location, while sending real-time updates to every site in your network

Panzura's global cloud file system empowers real-time, collaborative file sharing

The Last NAS Refresh You'll Ever Need

With a reduced unstructured data footprint, increased data resilience without replicating data and powerfully fast performance everywhere, Panzura replaces your existing NAS, as well as your backup and disaster recovery processes, to reduce storage space and empower productivity across your entire enterprise. 

Panzura's global cloud file system turn cloud storage into a data center

Consolidate Your Unstructured Data

Panzura's patented deduplication process strips out redundant data blocks, reducing your unstructured data to a single authoritative source that is typically up to 70% smaller.

Stop Playing the Ransomware Game

Shrug off ransomware attacks with immutable data, protected by read-only snapshots taken at configurable intervals. Quickly restore files, folders or the entire file system to a point in time.

Get Data Resilience Without Replication

With data replication provided by cloud vendors providing durability, and Panzura's data immutability and snapshots delivering near zero RPO, IT teams can stop making copies for backups and disaster recovery.

Panzura's FIPS-14-2 certified global cloud file system protects data with military-grade encryption

With Military-Grade Data Protection

Your data needs to be safe – no ifs, buts or maybes. That’s why we arm our cloud file system with military-grade security, both while it’s in cloud storage and when it’s in transit between your Panzura filers and the cloud. We’re FIPS 140-2 certified, too.

And A Complete Cloud Data Management Dashboard

We took the world’s best global cloud file system and added the most comprehensive cloud management dashboard in the industry. Search, audit, monitor and analyze your entire global cloud network from just one dashboard.

Panzura Data Services lets you search, audit, analyze and monitor your entire global cloud file network

Powering Critical Workflows in High Performance Environments

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