World-leading manufacturers trust Panzura to manage and protect files, accelerating workflows to bring product to market faster.
Panzura for Manufacturing
“With Panzura, we’ve been able to realise a number of key benefits. For example, our speed to market, and being able to maintain an agile infrastructure and keep pace with the business as they’re developing new products.”

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Bring Product to
Market Faster ​.

Panzura lets you leverage the collective productivity of your best people, wherever they are located, by letting them work together, as if they were sitting together.

Empowering global collaboration – Panzura
Cloud data protection and compliance

Protect Your IP ​.

The spectre of data breaches or data damage is ever-present, and ever-more threatening. Panzura goes beyond data compliance to fortify your entire security posture, protecting you with ransomware resilience, rapid data recovery, and military-grade security .


Specific Solutions For Manufacturing.

Enable the high performance environment that lets your users do their best work.

Using Panzura to consolidate and reduce data

Distributed Data Consolidation

Reduce your storage footprint by removing duplicated data. Consolidate data into a single, authoritative data source that's available across your organization.

Using Panzura to move files fast

Accelerate Time to Market

Get your teams working together on Revit, Solidworks and AutoCAD files, with automatic, immediate file locking to prevent accidental file collisions or versions.​

Using Panzura for resilience to ransomware

Data Resiliency and Recovery

Protect your organization against modern threats including any data deletion or damage, with rapid recovery to pristine files without losing data or paying ransoms.

Reducing Time to Market for Leading Manufacturers

Accelerate workflows, while boosting security.

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“There’s no way that we could support the growth of our business with the file access times that we’ve experienced in the past. The Panzura solution was really a game changer for us. Essentially what we’ve done is create a global organization that is now virtually working in the same room.”

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“The global collaboration and the whole concept of multiple nodes all backing onto the same single source of truth was all very appealing, which was ultimately what led us down the road to Panzura”

Packers Plus

“I no longer have to worry about backup and restoration. The data is all there. I can pull my backup and restore files whenever needed.”

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