It All Started With An Idea

Panzura’s founders set out to solve 2 fundamental problems. The first was to reduce the cost of backups. The second was to allow enterprises to work collaboratively across locations.  That idea became a plan to build a complete global cloud file solution that would power enterprises as they made their inevitable shift to the cloud.

Turn your cloud storage into a high-performance enterprise file system

Panzura’s global cloud file system allows users across hundreds of offices to work as if they’re in the same room.

We allow enterprise to combine the flexibility, performance and productivity of distributed storage with the manageability, security and economics of centralized storage, in a way that nobody else can.

At a glance

Our Leadership Team

Panzura Chief Executive Officer Jill Stelfox
Jill Stelfox
Executive Chairwoman & CEO
Panzura Chief Innovation Officer Ed Peters
Edward Peters
Chief Innovation Officer
Panzura Chief Revenue Officer Dan Waldschmidt
Dan Waldschmidt
Chief Revenue Officer
Panzura Chief Financial Officer Judy Kopa
Judy Kopa
Chief Financial Officer
Panzura Chief Services Officer James Seay
James Seay
Chief Services Officer
Panzura Chief Legal Officer - Ben Zimmerman
Ben Zimmerman
Chief Legal Officer
Panzura Chief People Officer Joseph Hopkins
Joseph Hopkins
Chief People Officer