Panzura + AWS

Transform the world’s leading cloud storage provider into a ransomware-proof, performant global cloud file system. Whether you use AWS Public Cloud or GovCloud, Panzura CloudFS delivers a high performance, high intelligence environment, globally.

Panzura allows your entire enterprise to operate as if you just have one office, delivering LAN performance and technology, plus ransomware resilience globally, with data stored in Amazon S3.  

The Cloud-Integrated Data Center

Panzura makes AWS look like it’s just another part of your network – a cloud-integrated data center where the distinction between the cloud and your own data center is transparent to your users. Setup is simple, too. Network connectivity, file services, authentication, and even server provisioning for virtual desktops and applications is configured with a single click.

Blazing Fast File Operations

Panzura lets you use Amazon S3 as your central authoritative file storage while keeping active files synced on Panzura filers at each site for local performance. With your files available in Amazon S3, you can also run any application or service in Amazon EC2 – just as you would in your data center – without requiring any rewrites.

Seamless Performance

Migrate thousands of legacy applications to AWS without rewrite, changing workflows or sacrificing performance. As well, you’ll eliminate copy data sprawl for backup and secondary storage by consolidating data to a single authoritative data source.

Boost Productivity And Improve Efficiency

Allow your people to collaborate globally on large-scale projects to improve productivity and time-to-market. And, modernize your legacy NAS while realizing a 70% cost saving and reducing file infrastructure in your data center by 90%.

Panzura is proud to be an AWS Advanced Technology Partner. CloudFS is available for purchase from the AWS Marketplace.

Turn AWS into a high performance, ransomware-resistent global file system with Panzura

Panzura in Action

Find out how HUSCO International improved file access time by 900x…and reduced annual storage costs by $100K with Panzura and AWS.

Leading enterprises trust Panzura and AWS to deliver a high performance file system that maximizes productivity and minimizes cost

Panzura case study - goop

Modern lifestyle brand goop chooses Panzura on AWS to consolidate their vast collection of files, apps and data into the cloud and make cross-site collaboration possible.

American industrial tool manufacturing institution Milwaukee Tool chooses Panzura on AWS for realtime global collaboration, while saving $40,000 per shelf, per year on data storage.

C&S Companies and Panzura

Leading US architecture firm C&S Companies chooses Panzura on AWS to help their distributed teams collaborate on notoriously latency-prone files, reducing file open times by 99.3%.

AWS + Panzura = industry leading enterprise cloud solutions

🚀 Durable, highly available cloud storage for all use cases.

🚀 Highly scalable, low latency.

🚀 Data deduplication and consolidation for exceptional cost efficiencies.

Panzura & Wasabi - smart cloud storage for less