When you integrate the world’s leading cloud storage provider with the first enterprise file system purpose-built for the cloud, the result is a simple, scalable, and secure storage infrastructure.

Panzura helps enterprises use Amazon Web Services to create a cloud-integrated data center – a seamless hybrid cloud that connects your infrastructure to AWS and lets you expand in to the cloud without rewriting any applications.

Amazon Web Services

The Cloud-Integrated Data Center

Panzura makes AWS look like it’s just another part of your network – a cloud-integrated data center where the distinction between the cloud and your own data center is transparent to your users. Setup is simple, too. Network connectivity, file services, authentication, and even server provisioning for virtual desktops and applications is configured with a single click.

Blazing Fast File Operations

Panzura lets you use Amazon S3 as your central authoritative file storage while keeping active files synced on Panzura filers at each site. With your files available in Amazon S3, you can also run any application or service in Amazon EC2 – just as you would in your data center – without requiring any rewrites.

Seamless Performance

Migrate thousands of legacy applications to AWS without rewrite, changing workflows or sacrificing performance. As well, you’ll eliminate copy data sprawl for backup and secondary storage by consolidating data to a single source of truth.

Boost Productivity And Improve Efficiency

Allow your people to collaborate globally on large-scale projects to improve productivity and time-to-market. And, modernize your legacy NAS while realizing a 70% cost saving and reducing your file infrastructure in your data center by 90%.

Leading Enterprises Trust Panzura and AWS

Leading Enterprises Trust Panzura and AWS

CS-Husco international

File access time improved by 900x, NetApp filers were eliminated, and storage costs were reduced by deploying Panzura and AWS.


Read how the Panzura solution created access to the same data from any operating system, as well as consolidated their file environment.

CS-C&S Companies

Consolidating storage with Panzura and AWS significantly reduced warm and cold file transfer time from 20 minutes to mere seconds.

Panzura in the AWS Marketplace

Store and manage 100% of your unstructured data in AWS. Enterprises can choose to deploy Panzura Freedom as a physical, virtual, or in-cloud application. View available options in the AWS Marketplace.