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Panzura customers don't pay ransoms

Panzura Customers Don’t Pay Ransoms

You may think that with all the attention afforded ransomware, and the sheer amount of education around it would have silenced the scourge by now. But the truth is, it hasn’t. According to Emsisoft, ransomware attacks in 2019 impacted at least 966 government agencies, educational establishments, and healthcare

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Panzura CEO - Patrick Harr

Enterprise Cloud Collaboration Is Broken, But Can You Fix It?

As we move into the age of enterprise hypercompetition, the cloud will play a key role in the collaboration between globally dispersed employees. But as of now, aging cloud technology is undercutting their ability to collaborate. The longer this continues, the more the cloud is actually stifling business

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The 3 things your global cloud file solution must get right - Panzura vs Nasuni

The 3 Things Your Global Cloud File Solution MUST Get Right

Whether you are a game designer, architect, or engineer, your enterprise needs a global cloud file solution that works in the real world. The features you need will ultimately determine the solution you choose but there are 3 requirements which, if not satisfied, will cause your organization to

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Panzura’s Cloud File And Data Analytics Now On AWS Marketplace

We are all entering the era of the hyper-competitive enterprise, in which companies try to out-compete one another using real-time data in a global, multi-cloud environment in order to exploit micro-markets as they appear. For example, retailers may adjust their prices to attract CyberWeek shoppers and airlines may

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Join Us December 3rd for Panzura’s Global User Group 2019 in London, UK

On Tuesday, December 3rd, IT professionals from around Europe are gathering at the Royal Institute of British Architecture in London to learn how Panzura’s superior, cloud-native technology is helping customers overcome their most crippling multi-cloud challenge, namely: driving critical real-time data file collaboration between globally dispersed teams. The

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Frictionless Seamless Collaboration

Frictionless File Collaboration At Autodesk University

Moving to the cloud was supposed to drive efficiency — providing unlimited processing power, storage, and scalability — which is why so many leading Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) firms were quick to jump in.  However, with that migration came the need that many industry experts had not

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