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Awesome Panzura partners of 2020

The Best Channel Partners on the Planet

When you’re on a mission to achieve greatness, gathering the right people around you makes all the difference in the world. You boost each other up, complement each other’s strengths and weakness and most importantly, do more together than you could each do separately. It’s no secret that

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Simplifying enterprise alerts - Panzura

Simplifying Enterprise Alerts

As hybrid cloud deployments get ever larger, and manage more petabytes of data, the number of moving parts they encompass increases. That makes event notifications, alerts and warnings extraordinarily important.

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The 3 things your global cloud file solution must get right - Panzura vs Nasuni

3 Things Your Global Cloud File Solution MUST Get Right

Whether you are a game designer, architect, or engineer, your enterprise needs a global cloud file solution that works in the real world. The features you need will ultimately determine the solution you choose but there are 3 requirements which, if not satisfied, will cause your organization to

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Panzura customers don't pay ransoms

Panzura Customers Don’t Pay Ransoms

You may think that with all the attention afforded ransomware, and the sheer amount of education around it would have silenced the scourge by now. But the truth is, it hasn’t. According to Emsisoft, ransomware attacks in 2019 impacted at least 966 government agencies, educational establishments, and healthcare

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Panzura CTO Andrew Davis

5 Minutes With Andrew Davis

Panzura has been named ‘Market Leader’ in File-Based Cloud Storage, and Andrew Davis’ knack for being a visionary plays a big role in making that happen. We sat down with our creative CTO to learn about what he has in store for Panzura. Q: Andrew – tell us

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5 Minutes With Jason Luehrs

Q: Jason – tell us about your background, before you joined Panzura? A: After starting my career at KPMG, I went right into the technology space and have helped build and evolve companies of various sizes and stages from software to communications to payment processing.  Through my career

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