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In I Securely Resolve: CISCOs, IT Security Leaders Share 2024 Resolutions Dark Reading’s Nathan Eddy pulls together the New Year’s resolutions of 8 enterprise security leaders, among them Panzura’s CISO Katie McCullough.

Cyber Threats and Data Protection

All members of the group emphasized assessing and updating disaster recovery and incident response plans based on detection, prevention, and response tools, processes, and skills.

“As we embrace the New Year, organizations should adopt resolutions that not only fortify their defenses but also ensure agility and resilience,” said Katie McCullough. “A paramount resolution is to establish mechanisms that guarantee minimal impact in the event of a security breach. This involves creating robust incident response plans and recovery strategies that can swiftly restore operations with minimal disruption. By preparing for worst-case scenarios, organizations can maintain their operational integrity and customer trust, even when faced with potentially debilitating cyber threats.”

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Security Risk Management

Another common theme among the group was risk management, which as McCullough explained, requires continuous monitoring and evaluation of the organization's security posture to find potential vulnerabilities. By understanding and addressing risk early, you can prevent risks from evolving into serious threats.

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Secure User-Friendly Services

Several leaders also mentioned the importance of supplying robust yet user friendly cybersecurity measures to ensure, as McCullough puts it, “that security protocols do not hinder productivity or user experience. By achieving this balance, organizations can keep a secure environment that supports, rather than impedes, their business objectives.”

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