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End-to-End Cloud Data Management

Our Global Services team has one priority. Your success. We launch you quickly, migrate your data faster than anyone, train your teams and give you round-the-clock support.

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Panzura Support Has Just One Tier: Awesome

Others send you a pdf and wish you luck. We design, build and hand you back a finished solution fully battle-ready in run mode. In short, it’s the best support in enterprise.

  • Global support provided 24 x 7 x 365
  • Sub-30-minute response time for priority 1 and 2 support requests
  • Assigned Technical Account Manager for each account
  • Assisted, expedited data/ransomware recovery led by one of our data security specialists
  • Proactive system monitoring and comprehensive 55- point health checks, with associated corrective actions
  • Recommended software upgrades scheduled, Tested and deployed
  • Anywhere access to Service Hub with a holistic view of your implementation history and current workflow status


We have a proven 4-step plan to get you to where you want to be — no matter where you are right now.

PANZURA QUICKSTARTMeaningful business transformation from the get-go

Panzura’s QuickStart process is designed to deliver results to your business right off the bat! This includes:

  • Seamless personalized installation and configuration services by our team of specialists accelerating time to value
  • Comprehensive solutions-based training and support for your organization
  • We plan and execute your data migration while minimizing your downtime


Once your CloudFS has been installed and configured our team of experts can turn their attention to your data migration needs. This is personalized for every client because every client is different, but that’s what makes us great - we can handle whatever gets thrown our way! With our managed data migration, you get:

  • We move huge amounts of data quickly and efficiently as part of our managed data migration process
  • Comprehensive project plan customized to your specific requirements
  • Dedicated migration team comprised of the world’s leading Panzura experts
  • Regular check-ins and progress reports

DEDICATED PERSONAL SUPPORTWe prefer humans to robots when it comes to service

We give EVERY client their own assigned Panzura Technical Account Manager to guide you through every step of the implementation and migration process. By offering expert technical support and guidance they help optimize your costs and drive better faster business outcomes. Wait there’s more. Our Technical Account Managers communicate and coordinate with our teams of experts to ensure you receive:

  • Seamless operation with proactive maintenance and pre-emptive action
  • Fine-tuned performance across your entire deployment
  • Planning and execution of recommended software upgrades
  • Provide early identification of new requirements to support your growth
  • Recommend improvements to solution architecture for best, most efficient performance at scale

KICKASS PROACTIVE MONITORINGWe identify issues before they become problems

Now that you are set up, we need to maintain your organization’s efficiency and productivity by ensuring that your Panzura platform is healthy and optimized at all times. Keeping you happy is our priority. Our Global Services* constantly monitor your system performance, event management, and configuration management, which is important to:

  • Improve detection and response time
  • Reduce downtime (and the associated business-level costs)
  • Automate service operation processes
  • Highlight problem areas for review
  • Proactively resolve issues

*Subject to customer compliance and compatibility

Knowledge is power. Use our resources to find out more.

Check out our blogs, customer stories, case studies, and whitepapers here.

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