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Panzura Hybrid Cloud Platform

Smart, simple, secure hybrid cloud file data management

It's tougher than ever for organizations to be productive and resilient, if they don't have file data under control.

Panzura Hybrid Cloud Platform lets you consolidate your file data, improve productivity and performance by delivering files to users and processes globally, and protect files against ransomware.


Unparalleled Performance. Ransomware Resilience.

Get the visibility, performance, and control you need to solve IT challenges like file access, storage costs, ransomware detection, and governance - all in a single, unified hybrid cloud platform.

The Panzura Hybrid Cloud Platform gives you:

  • A highly scalable global file system compatible with all leading cloud and on-premises storage options
  • Consolidated, deduplicated and compressed file data, to reduce storage volumes
  • High-performance, local-feeling, global file access for even the most complex file types
  • Built-in ransomware immunity and disaster recovery
  • A unified management view with robust audit and search
  • Highly secure file access for even remote and mobile users
  • Immutable data and granular snapshots for minute-by-minute data restoration
  • An AI-infused early detection system for ransomware

Built for Complex Enterprise Environments


Infrastructure Agility

Optimize, right-size, and scale data management; secure files; and speed infrastructure modernization.


Ransomware Detection in as Little as Two Minutes

Strengthen ransomware resilience and improve RTO with AI-Infused ransomware detection technology and expert-guided recovery.


Organizational Efficiency

Accelerate "anytime, anywhere" user productivity, support compliance ease while slashing storage costs.

A Hybrid Cloud Platform for Infrastructure Modernization

Make your data bulletproof. Deliver data flawlessly, everywhere. Control data sprawl.

Panzura Hybrid Cloud File Data Management Platform

Relax. We have your files covered.

Spend less time fighting fires and more time helping the business grow. With the Panzura Hybrid Cloud Platform, you'll have what you need to manage even the most complex file data. And our innovative, patented software-defined storage gives you built-in ransomware resilience plus near-real-time ransomware detection.


Panzura CloudFS

The heart of the Panzura Hybrid Cloud Platform, CloudFS, is an award-winning global file system purpose-built to meet the challenges of modern data management. It transforms complex, multi-component, and multi-vendor environments into a singular, scalable, and efficient approach to data management. With Panzura CloudFS, you'll reduce storage volumes and costs, simplify unstructured data management, enable local-feeling file performance, and become immune to ransomware.

Panzura Data Services - hybrid cloud file data visibility

Panzura Data Services

Panzura Data Services provides lightning-fast file search, audit, data recovery, and analysis across files in CloudFS. That gives you complete visibility, always-on governance, and real-time metadata access in a single dashboard.

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Panzura Detect and Rescue

Panzura Detect and Rescue lets you get ahead of ransomware with early detection. Using proprietary AI-infused training, Detect and Rescue spots even slow-moving and unknown ransomware variants, allowing IT teams to stop attacks before they can take hold.

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Panzura Edge

Panzura Edge extends CloudFS to remote users and project partners, with secure file sharing via mobile devices to help improve productivity, protect intellectual property, prevent file duplication, and keep files within your ransomware-resilient environment.

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Every single country has Panzura running, and they are globally working together. It’s a fundamental because, for the majority of time over the last 20 years, those regions have been in silos and we had to shuffle content back and forth.


With Panzura, we deployed one global cloud file system across all sites, enabling engineers and designers to collaborate as one global team, dramatically increasing productivity and improving our bottom line.


Panzura has been solving Kickstart enterprise cloud data issues for over a decade and they know how to work with sports teams’ critical data. We are excited that they will be solving our cloud data issues for years to come. We found the partner we’d been looking for.


We initiated a cloud-first strategy and selected Panzura to consolidate our traditional storage environment, centralize and manage unstructured data in the cloud, and reduce our operating cost.


We run on AWS cloud and wanted a solution supporting multi-cloud architecture. With Panzura, our cloud data environments are running flawlessly. And getting data organized and accessible is worth its weight in gold!


The Panzura solution was really a game changer for us. Essentially what we’ve done is create a global organization that is now virtually working in the same room.


Enterprise Hybrid Cloud File Data Management

IT Infrastructure Optimization 
File Data Management 
Hybrid Cloud Storage 
Ransomware Resilience  
Multi-cloud File Storage 
IT Infrastructure Agility 
Secure Cloud Migration 
Infinitely Scalable 
NAS Consolidation
Local-feeling Performance
High Availability
Immutable File Snapshots

Kickstart Your File Data Transformation

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