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Data is like air—everywhere, invisible, and essential to survival. When management of your data is on point, your people can move faster, collaborate, and innovate.

Of course, to use your data, cloud storage is where it’s at, literally. Flashback to the primordial mists of the early 2000s when cloud storage entered the chat. Since then, nothing has been the same. Today enterprise cloud storage is pervasive and constantly evolving—but still fulfilling vital needs:

  • Primary storage of application data
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Archiving
  • The alternative to costly physical infrastructure

Whatever your priorities, you can make a business case for any model of enterprise cloud storage:

Public Cloud: Affordable and ubiquitous, it’s always going to have high regulatory compliance and the cost-benefits of low pricing and frequent infrastructure improvements. The public cloud is reliable and predictable for many needs.

Private Cloud: A fortress giving you complete control over updates and expansion.

Hybrid Cloud: For many enterprises, the optimum combination of public infrastructure and private administration supplies efficiency and scalability from fractionalized resources without the full cost of ownership. You retain better control over your data management and what it can provide: visibility, quality, access, and security.

How Do You Choose Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage gets more nuanced as vendors vie for your dollars. Value-added features abound. How do you select among them? Ask yourself, “Does this enterprise cloud storage solution …”

  • Improve our resource availability and use?
  • Lower our CAPEX and OPEX across our tech stack?
  • Enhance our disaster mitigation/recovery capabilities?
  • Empower a culture of innovation? Every byte of data?

Here are some ways Panzura CloudFS file management enterprise customers benefit from any cloud or multi-cloud solution:

Do More with Less, and Do It Faster

Enterprise cloud storage solutions should equip your teams to work smarter, not harder. Uniting departments and people across one globally accessible dataset provides the visibility needed for new collaborations and for optimizing performance. Resource availability increases. Insights multiply. Security improves. Innovation thrives.

Thrive Outside of Cost-Based Planning

When every opportunity hangs on questions of CAPEX or OPEX impact, you’re probably stifling innovation. But when everyone in the company has access to the same data, and at the same time—and when storage capacity is instantly scalable on-demand—your data can work harder, and your file system becomes a playground for brilliant ideas.

Protect It.

Because it offers a searchable global view of user activity and data under management, enterprise cloud file management and the Panzura Data Services dashboard offers a solution for regulatory compliance. And with data resiliency besting ransomware, and military-grade encryption as standard, it offers data security that surpasses expectations.

Leverage Broad and Convenient Device Access

In a bring-your-own-device enterprise environment, data access must be seamless across devices and locations. Anything less sacrifices productivity and performance. For better outcomes, your enterprise cloud storage should optimize data availability with file access and sharing using cell phones, tablets, and other edge devices.

Relieve Downtime

For many enterprise cloud storage providers, Internet access is a weakness: No internet, no data, no productivity. Almost as problematic is a slow internet connection. With the hybrid workforce scattered across home offices, coffee shops, and countries, intelligent enterprise cloud file management caches files locally and provides high availability options to improve access everywhere.

Compare Us to Anyone

You want a platform that holistically addresses the entire data ecosystem by providing seamless management and rock-solid cybersecurity. You need two parts reliability, one part scalability, and every part cybersecurity. How do you find it? Put all the competitors in the ring and challenge them.

  1. How is redundancy managed? They should be able to empower real-time collaboration through intelligent read-write controls that ensure that multiple file versions is a thing of the past.
  2. How is data recovery executed? It should be instant, automated, and unintrusive. Like it never happened.
  3. How is security reinforced against ransomware? The only answer should be that ransomware is old news, replaced by sophisticated isolation and restoration algorithms that defeat it.
  4. How are user provisioning and app integration managed? Seamless, intuitive, and fully integrated is what you want.

With Panzura, Infected Doesn't Mean Affected
Faster detection means less time recovering. Learn how Detect and Rescue helps.


The Future of Enterprise Data Management

Ultimately, the best enterprise cloud storage solutions move beyond merely providing storage to offering powerful data management that enhances security, productivity, and innovation. After all, you can’t solve big problems without big data made fully visible, integrated, searchable, sharable, and protected. Read this whitepaper for an introduction to Panzura CloudFS.

Originally Published Oct 13, 2022, updated Mar 4, 2024