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What is unstructured data and why is it so hard to manage?

What is Unstructured Data and Why is it so Hard to Manage?

Fast, manageable data makes global collaboration radically easier. But data growth is outpacing dated storage methods for enterprises worldwide — and unstructured data makes the problem harder to untangle. An organization without clean information readily available faces endless roadblocks preventing swift decisions and workflow progress. As the face

Introducing Panzura, refounded

Behind Panzura’s Bold New Image: A Design With Values

The last year has seen a enormous amount of change at Panzura. In fact, you could say we’ve undergone a complete transformation since that day in May of 2020 when we started on a journey to do things differently. One of the first things we did was come

Panzura Data Lake

Leveraging Data – A Fresh Take On A Modern Data Lake

If you’re not familiar with the concept of a data lake, you’re not alone. A data lake is a large repository for unstructured data. And, it takes all data, before it’s cleansed, structured, or organized. It’s not until you begin to unravel the technical challenges of storage, and

The 5 crucial ways real time matters to your organization's productivity

The 5 Crucial Ways Real-Time Matters

Few expenses weigh more heavily than lost productivity. Yet, many global organizations regularly lose time to dated NAS file systems that consistently slow workflows down. The 30-year old file network tech you’re likely using is causing what you could consider “micro downtime”. You’ve probably accepted it as a