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5 ways real time matters to business productivity

The 5 Crucial Ways Real-Time Matters

Few expenses weigh more heavily than lost productivity. Yet, many global organizations regularly lose time to dated NAS file systems that consistently slow workflows down. The 30-year old file network tech you’re likely using is causing what you could consider “micro downtime”. You’ve probably accepted it as a

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4 reasons why file sharing is hurting your enterprise

4 Reasons Why Enterprise File Sharing is Hurting You

Is a massive misunderstanding of file collaboration suffocating your enterprise’s productivity? If your multi-site team accepts slow file opening and bottlenecked workflows as “normal,” you’re falling behind your competitors brave enough to recognize what they’re missing. Global organizations need remote staff to collaborate on files like a single

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A Better Way to Manage Machine Generated Data – high performance with CloudFS

A Better Way to Manage Machine Generated Data

Managing rapidly growing volumes of data is hardly a new problem. It has been a challenge for IT for as long as there has been IT. Yet, we have kept dealing with the problem in the same way — by making storage bigger. First with bigger drives, then

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The Cloud Storage Markup Trap | Panzura

The Cloud Storage Markup Trap

Cloud storage pricing has long been in a race to zero, and customers could be the winners if you spend wisely. Consider that basic storage services are now roughly $0.022 per GB/month from major providers like AWS and Google Cloud. Consumer and small business options like DropBox offer

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How immutable data lets enterprises shrug off ransomware like it never happened

How Immutable Storage Stops Costly Ransomware Attacks

Immutable data architecture means that data, once written, cannot be changed. If data cannot be changed, then it cannot be encrypted by ransomware. In April 2021, Security Boulevard published details on just a few of the notable ransomware attacks that had taken place in just the first quarter

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Panzura Cloud Block Components

Introducing Cloud Block Store

What happens when you point some of the smartest IT minds in your business at innovation, instead of operation? It’s something we often ask our customers. Recently, we asked ourselves. The answer – this time around – is a product that is completely different, and yet completely in

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Solving for latency over the WAN – Panzura

Solving for Latency on the Wide Area Network

What seems like decades ago now, I was a software engineer at Autodesk and I was the driving force behind the CUI feature in AutoCAD. For those of you who can’t remember back that far, this feature introduced a new UI for customizing AutoCAD’s toolbars and menus. Its

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Making cloud storage more than just a drive in the sky

Making Cloud Storage More Than Just A Drive In The Sky

Are you getting the features you imagined from your enterprise-grade cloud storage? Years into the cloud storage movement, your cloud services still might not be living up to the promise of this revolutionary concept. That said, the definition of cloud storage has become quite muddy. If data is

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You Don’t Know What Legacy Storage Has, ‘Til It’s Gone

When you’re looking to replace your existing enterprise NAS or legacy storage system by consolidating your unstructured data in the cloud, you don’t expect to lose key features. However, the features you’ve taken for granted, because they’re baked into legacy storage, aren’t standard with cloud storage.  To effectively consolidate

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