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Get One Vizion of Your Data. Getting the right data with speed is critical to business success. Enterprises are looking to filter through and analyze vast amounts of data in a simple, secure, and scalable manner to make the right decisions.

The Challenges of Data Search, Audit, & Analytics

Data silos with no view of data across the enterprise

Includes utilities such as rsync, FTP, DFSR, and Robocopy

Legacy NAS creates data silos. As enterprises go global and gain assets through acquisitions, the silos are magnified. Now with cloud-first initiatives, the cloud itself can be another silo. Plus, if you are leveraging multiple clouds, then you have multiple additional silos. There is no way to do data analysis across an enterprise without a single view of your data

The cost of managing exploding data growth

Enterprise data centers are challenged with data management. The explosion of IoT data, video, images, log files, and more from a broad range of sources is overwhelming the ability of legacy NAS to keep up. Add to that the compliance requirements for long-term data retention, and CAPEX and OPEX budgets are being crippled

Leveraging the cloud while achieving edge performance

The cloud provides needed agility. But to classify and analyze data requires high-performance data access at the edge. Once consolidated in the cloud, data must be brought to the analytics engines of the organization. Yet migrating data to and from the cloud is slow, which interferes with the organization’s ability to perform analysis and make timely decisions

Unlocking the Power of Multi-Cloud Data delivers a single, unified vision into data across the enterprise and provides powerful search, analysis, recovery, and control of multi-cloud data for greater productivity, operational intelligence, improved security, and central monitoring of your Panzura Filers


Search data throughout your enterprise with sub-second results

Filter down by location, date, last modified time, and size

Easily find and gain access to previous versions of your files


Audit your project files and folders to understand how users interact with your data

Understand if there are abnormal spikes in data growth or deletion

View who added or removed data, when they did it, what data is associated with it

Audit specific users by specified actions, dates, and time

Recover & Clone

Clone data to a different location for DevOps/ testing/employee needs

Recover your data from a previous snapshot


Analyze your data and filer statistics in a central place

Understand what your hot, warm, and cold data is and who is accessing it

Easily understand your biggest files and folders

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Search and Analytics

Search and Analytics

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