Search & Analytics

Centralize your data for a single source of truth, then unlock the power of that data with analytics.


The Challenges of Data Search & Analytics

Data silos with no view of data across the enterprise

Legacy NAS creates data silos. As enterprises go global and gain assets through acquisitions, the silos are magnified. Now with cloud-first initiatives, the cloud itself can be another silo. Plus, if you are leveraging multiple clouds, then you have multiple additional silos. There is no way to do data analysis across an enterprise without a single view of your data.

The cost of managing exploding data growth

Enterprise data centers are challenged with data management. The explosion of IoT data, video, images, log files, and more from a broad range of sources is overwhelming the ability of legacy NAS to keep up. Add to that the compliance requirements for long-term data retention, and CAPEX and OPEX budgets are being crippled.

Leveraging the cloud while achieving edge performance

The cloud provides needed agility. But to classify and analyze data requires high-performance data access at the edge. Once consolidated in the cloud, data must be brought to the analytics engines of the organization. Yet migrating data to and from the cloud is slow, which interferes with the organization’s ability to perform analysis and make timely decisions.

Panzura CloudFS

Eliminate data silos, reduce costs,
and gain the benefits of the cloud with in-place analytics.

Panzura CloudFS™, the first enterprise file system purpose-built for the cloud, eliminates data silos, giving a centralized view of data for a single source of truth across the enterprise. With the included NFSv4 interface, Panzura enables in-place analytics for Hadoop and Apache Spark workloads for big data and IoT analysis. This unique in-place analytics platform provides enterprises a single solution for storing, protecting, searching, and analyzing their data sets.

With unlimited scalability in the cloud, fast data access, and real-time global collaboration, Panzura CloudFS empowers users to perform analytics, develop and test products, and bring solutions to market faster than ever before.


Cache data using high performance flash at the edge for real-time analysis


Consolidate data from any number of collection points while taking advantage of cloud scalability

Automation and Centralized Management

Automate processes through the REST-based API, and globally manage data from a single location


High performance for both NFS and SMB means both machine and user data is always available for analysis

Cloud Data Protection

Eliminate cumbersome and complex backup and DR processes, while achieving a near-zero RPO

Deployment and Flexibility

Choose the right solution for every location in the enterprise with the flexibility to use any combination of physical, virtual, or in-cloud instance

Real-time Global Collaboration

Enable globally distributed users to work together in real time as if they were in the same room

Additional Panzura CloudFS Benefits

Real-time Analysis

Consolidate data from any and every location with immediate consistency to perform critical analysis

Reduce Costs

Eliminate or reduce legacy NAS infrastructure to save up to 70% while increasing agility

Increase Availability

Leverage the durability of the cloud while enjoying a near-zero RPO to keep data available while eliminating backup and DR processes

Reduce Risk

FIPS 140-2 compliant security with encryption for data in transit and at rest means your valuable data is always secure

Replace Legacy NAS


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