File Analytics.

Search, monitor, audit and analyze your entire file network from one elegant dashboard, regardless of where your files are stored.

Complete Cloud File Analytics

From finding files in seconds to auditing user access, recovering deleted files to analyzing total storage, Data Services file analytics give you a complete view over your entire cloud file network.

Cloud Data Services

Find Any File or File Event. Fast.

When you need to track a file event, searching through syslog records is a nightmare that can consume days of IT admin time.

With Panzura Data Services, you just enter any known file parameters and search every possible location in your cloud file network. You’ll have the results in moments, even if the file has been deleted.

File Auditing And Recovery

Powerful search filters let you track every action taken on your files as well as identify who did what. Search by date, user, and even file age to get the view you need. And, one-click file recovery and cloning makes restoring deleted or damaged files quick and painless.

Just Connect And Search.

Importing, indexing and searching your metadata is as easy as  connecting your Panzura filers, as well as NetApp, Isilon and other file shares.

Connect your Panzura filers and your cloud data is automatically loaded into Panzura Data Services, indexed and readied for search.

Connect your NetApp, Isilon, VNX or other compatible NFS or SMB file shares to import your data into Data Services' powerful search engine.

Get a Clear View Of What's Happening Now, to Help You Plan For the Future.

Your file analytics dashboard makes it easy to see exactly what’s taking up space on all storage devices, and what’s redundant, obsolete or trivial.

Complete Storage Analytics

One view of your files lets you manage your storage by knowing file location, size, age and frequency of access as well as how fast your data is growing.

Monitor Everything

When you know what normal looks like, it’s easy to spot problems. Your Data Services dashboard gives you up-to-the-minute information on the health of your entire global file system from every possible angle.

Spot spikes in CPU usage, see when latency is dragging your performance down, know what’s taking up disk space and configure alerts to tell you when you need to pay attention.