Panzura Freedom NAS

Panzura Freedom™, an intelligent hybrid cloud storage solution, consolidates storage, replaces legacy NAS, and enables real-time, global collaboration without limits. With Panzura Freedom, enterprises gain the economics, scalability, and durability of the cloud while achieving data center performance. Download the Panzura Freedom NAS Filer white paper to learn more.

From Complex and Costly to Simple and Cost-Effective

Panzura Freedom consolidates and secures unstructured data in the cloud, while providing comprehensive access and control. The result? You are able to transform your complex and costly traditional storage model to the cloud.

Panzura Freedom
Panzura Freedom Consolidates


NAS Replacement

Primary Storage

Data Center Performance

Panzura Freedom Secures


Instant Recovery

Military Grade Encryption

Cloud Data Protection

Panzura Freedom Accesses


Global File Locking


Mobile EFSS

Panzura Freedom Controls


Single Pane of Glass


Global Manageability

Panzura Freedom NAS Family

Panzura CloudFS™, the first enterprise file system purpose-built for the cloud, underpins the entire Panzura Freedom Family. Choose from any of the Panzura Freedom Family solutions, knowing that you can expand capabilities over time to meet your needs. And knowing that no matter which you choose, CloudFS will power your solution.

Panzura CloudFS

Panzura CloudFS - Freedom Archive

Single site solution to eliminate backup and archive, replace local NAS, or manage large data sets such as genomic and seismic data

Panzura CloudFS - Freedom NAS

Replace legacy NAS and consolidate data across any number of sites to modernize the data center while achieving local all flash performance

Panzura CloudFS - Freedom Collaboration

Replace islands of storage, eliminate the impact of latency, and empower global users to collaborate in real-time

Declare Your Freedom

Freedom is all encompassing at Panzura. It goes way beyond which solution you choose.

Panzura Freedom

Any Platform

Use any combination of physical filers, virtual machines, or in-cloud instances

Any Device

Users access data from anywhere on any device with Panzura Mobile Client

Any Cloud

Use the public or private cloud provider that meets the needs of your organization

Any Model

Choose from a CAPEX or subscription-based OPEX buying model

Enterprise Automation and Management

Panzura Enterprise Automation and Management

Centralized Management

Take control of your global data with the Panzura Freedom GUI, which provides a single pane of glass to manage your entire global storage infrastructure from a single location. A custom dashboard and powerful monitoring tools keep you in control of your data.

API Programmability

Panzura Freedom provides a powerful REST API to enable automated management of your storage. Programmatically manage your unstructured data in the cloud to simplify any task and greatly reduce overhead.

The Panzura Intelligent Hybrid Cloud Storage Platform

Panzura Freedom intelligent hybrid cloud storage enables data center performance with the economics, scalability, and durability of the cloud. Panzura CloudFS, the first scale-out, enterprise file system purpose-built for the cloud, underpins Panzura Freedom and incorporates intelligent file services backed by 27 patents.

Panzura Intelligent Hybrid Cloud Storage Platform

Intelligent Services

  • Primary NAS storage
  • Intelligent data caching
  • Global namespace
  • Global deduplication
  • Compression
  • Snapshots
  • Cloud data protection
  • Global locking
  • Data archive

Leading Enterprises Trust Panzura Freedom


American College of Radiology replaced EMC VNX with Panzura Freedom to consolidate storage, manage growth, and meet HIPAA requirements at an effective price.

CS-Sheppard Robson

Sheppard Robson consolidated their storage using Panzura Freedom virtual machines and Nimble All-Flash Arrays to improve performance, reduce complexity, and eliminate an entire data center.

CS-C&S Companies

C&S Companies used Panzura Freedom to solve remote Revit, Civil 3D, and CAD modeling performance issues to enable architects and designers to work as if they are local.

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