Panzura Freedom

Enterprise Cloud File Services

Panzura Freedom™, an intelligent multi-cloud file storage solution, consolidates storage, replaces legacy NAS, and enables real-time, global collaboration without limits. With Panzura Freedom, enterprises gain the economics, scalability, and durability of the cloud while achieving data center performance.
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Panzura Freedom Family

Panzura Freedom Family provides high-performance enterprise cloud file services. Underpinned by CloudFS, an 8th generation global cloud file system with 30+ patents, and deployed as a software-defined solution, the Freedom Family allows you to move between use cases without moving your data. From archive, backup, and disaster recovery use cases to global collaboration use cases to mobile access at the edge, unlock the power of your data with Freedom.

Panzura CloudFS - Freedom Archive

Single site solution for secondary storage use cases. Replace backup, disaster recovery, and archive with consolidated, secured, and simplified active archive with any supported cloud.

Panzura CloudFS - Freedom NAS

Multi-Cloud file storage and Enterprise File Services, powered by a global cloud file system, across any number of sites for modern, cloud-centric data durability and availability.

Panzura CloudFS - Freedom Collaboration

Enable distributed applications to access and modify from any location, empowering users to collaborate in real-time with Freedom’s multi-site, multi-region scale-out global cloud file system.

Freedom Mobile

Enterprise File Sync and Share with live integration into Panzura Freedom File Services for data consolidation & single source of truth, allows for real-time mobile access to data in the global cloud file system.

From Complex and Costly to Simple and Cost-Effective

Panzura Freedom consolidates and secures unstructured data in the cloud, while providing comprehensive access and control. The result? You are able to transform your complex and costly traditional storage model to the cloud.

Why Freedom 8 for Multi-Cloud?


Freedom 8 - Performance

4X improved throughput for read/write operations to the public cloud

20Gbps front-end throughput per Freedom Filer virtual machine


Freedom 8 - Scale

Unlimited global sites in One Global File System

3X improvement metadata sync performance

2X improvement metadata space consumption

Cloud Data Protection & Availability

Freedom 8 - Cloud Data Protection

Cloud Mirroring of data from the edge for auto-failover protection enhancing business continuity

Protection against business disruption from cloud outages, network failures, and accidental deletion of cloud buckets

One Portal Management

Freedom 8 - Portal Management

Single portal for monitoring statistics for all filer nodes worldwide

Granular REST API for fully automated deployment, configuration and management of all Freedom filers

Search & Analytics

Freedom - Search & Analytics file search service (FSS) provides fast indexing, search, audit, and analytics for Freedom 8 and third-party filers

Mobile Access

Freedom 8 - Mobile Access

Real-time and EFSS access for remote users on IOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X and web browsers

Invite partners to collaborate on specific files and directories with MDM support

The Panzura Intelligent Multi-Cloud Storage Platform

Panzura Freedom intelligent multi-cloud storage enables data center performance with the economics, scalability, and durability of the cloud. Panzura CloudFS, the first scale-out, enterprise global cloud file system purpose-built for the cloud, underpins Panzura Freedom and incorporates intelligent file services backed by 30+ patents.

Panzura Intelligent Multi-Cloud Storage Platform

Intelligent Services

  • Primary NAS storage
  • Intelligent data caching
  • Global namespace
  • Global deduplication
  • Compression
  • Snapshots
  • Cloud data protection
  • Global locking
  • Data archive

Leading Enterprises Trust Panzura Freedom


American College of Radiology replaced EMC VNX with Panzura Freedom to consolidate storage, manage growth, and meet HIPAA requirements at an effective price.

CS-Sheppard Robson

Sheppard Robson consolidated their storage using Panzura Freedom virtual machines and Nimble All-Flash Arrays to improve performance, reduce complexity, and eliminate an entire data center.

CS-C&S Companies

C&S Companies used Panzura Freedom to solve remote Revit, Civil 3D, and CAD modeling performance issues to enable architects and designers to work as if they are local.

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