CloudFS™ - the Global Cloud File System Replacing Legacy Storage

Panzura CloudFS™ is a global cloud file system built from the ground up to power enterprise-scale deployments in the cloud, and allow distributed teams to work collaboratively. CloudFS goes beyond hybrid cloud file storage to offer a global cloud file solution that delivers unprecedented cloud performance and scale, with exceptional operational efficiencies, and inherent ransomware protection.

A Complete Cloud File Solution For Enterprise

Moving to the cloud is supposed to solve your data growth problems by allowing your storage to scale limitlessly and cost effectively –  without changing the way you work.

But, the more distance you put between your people and your cloud storage, the longer it takes to open, lock, save and close files. It’s not your lack of bandwidth that slows you down but latency caused by distance between your users and the files they’re working on.

A Complete Cloud File Solution For Enterprise - Panzura

Panzura CloudFS Brings Your Cloud Files Closer

Our intelligent hybrid cloud approach stores data as a single authoritative data source in the cloud, while caching the most frequently used files on edge appliances at each of your locations or in cloud regions. That means files open so fast it seems like they’re already on your desktop. Here’s how it works.

Engineered To Optimize Performance And Speed

Productivity By Design

A peer-to-peer lock, syncing without versioning, caching and de-duplication at the edge and files stored as a single authoritative data source in the cloud ensures your teams can collaborate across distributed files without collision. And, every user gets the same high performance, real time experience regardless of their location.

Immediate Data Consistency

Panzura’s simultaneous bursting data sync provides near real time updates across your entire organization. Every 60 seconds, every site is synced to the cloud - and to each other - simultaneously, with peer-to-peer updates available for immediate data consistency. Whether you have 5 sites or 500, no location is left waiting for data updates.

Maximum Efficiency

De-duping at the edge and sending only updates to the cloud - rather than transmitting the entire file any time it changes - minimizes your egress charges and bandwidth demands. Storing files as a single authoritative data source in the cloud results in a reduced storage footprint that saves up to 70% on traditional storage.

Global File Consistency in Real Time​

Automated Distributed File Locking

Our simultaneous hub-and-spoke and peer-to-peer model means that the cloud and every local filer always knows who owns the file lock. The instant a file is opened, it’s locked to every other user in your network. And, we provide the capability to enforce the lock at the file and byte level.

This means that your people can work on the same datasets or even the same file at the same time, if the application supports it, from different locations without any fear of overwriting or creating versions.

Instant Data Consistency Across Your Entire Cloud Network

Every 60 seconds, every local filer simultaneously synchronizes with your cloud object store, which is the single source of truth.

Within that 60 second window, if you need to access a file that hasn’t yet been updated by the cloud object storea peer to peer connection synchronizes – from the local filer that owns the file – any additional data required to make that file an exact match.

Panzura's global cloud file system empowers real-time, collaborative file sharing
Panzura CloudFS makes cloud object storage immutable, and thus, impervious to ransomware.

Ransomware Protection

Panzura makes data impervious to ransomware and other damage by storing it in an immutable form, and further protecting it with read-only snapshots.

These snapshots provide granular, point-in-time ability to recover individual files, folders, or even the entire file system.

Accessible From Anywhere

Natively integrated enterprise file sync and share provides seamless access to your cloud data with enterprise-level security, even when you can’t be in the office.

Panzura Mobile - enterprise file sync and share for Panzura Freedom

Chosen By Major Enterprises and Federal Government Organizations

Powering Critical Workflows in High Performance Environments