Migrate from StorSimple 5000-7000 to Panzura Freedom NAS

Request for Migration

StorSimple 5000-7000 series is reaching end of Support in July 2019. The customers who are running StorSimple 5000-7000 series can upgrade to other Azure first-party hybrid services found here or keep their data in Azure with Panzura Freedom NAS.

Migrating to Panzura Freedom NAS

Panzura enables you to migrate data from your current StorSimple 5000-7000 to a Panzura Freedom NAS utilizing Panzura Filers and the Panzura CloudFS (file system). The Panzura Freedom solution provides today’s enterprise with a NAS solution that spans data centers, office sites, public and private clouds, enabling local, hybrid and in-cloud data workflows for NFS, SMB and mobile clients. The Panzura software defined storage solution provides local performance with the economics, scalability, and durability of the cloud. Organizations can consolidate their unstructured data in the cloud, eliminating islands of storage across sites and legacy architecture. Panzura Freedom NAS Filers deploy quickly and easily providing access to data locally at high speeds without any modifications to existing applications or clients with military-grade encryption. Panzura Freedom Filers offers you a proven, enterprise grade on-premise, hybrid and in-cloud solution that will always deliver maximum performance and scalability.

For more information on how to migrate your data from StorSimple to a Panzura Freedom NAS, please fill out the form on this page and a sales representative will contact you within 24hrs.

Panzura Freedom NAS offers the following features:

  • SmartCache™ intelligent caching
  • Seamless and transparent movement of data to the cloud
  • Global namespace, global locking, global deduplication and compression
  • Dynamic, massive scalability
    • PBs of capacity
    • Billions of files
  • Low latency data access – metadata and active blocks kept on the edge
  • Multiprotocol – NFS & SMB
  • Encryption – at rest, inflight and in-cloud
  • Active Directory integration

Panzura is the leader in multi-cloud data management, a $68B market opportunity. Its portfolio includes Panzura Freedom NAS and Vizion.ai. Freedom NAS provides software-defined, multi-cloud file services to enterprises in over 5,500 sites globally across 33 countries. The Vizion.ai SaaS platform enables enterprises to meet the most demanding requirements for data search, analytics, and governance in a multi-cloud world.