When you’re relying on fast, efficient collaboration for teams who don’t work in the same office, CAD and other applications need to work just as well across sites as they do at headquarters.

Panzura’s global cloud file system lets you work better – faster – more collaboratively, in the cloud. Our unique blend of hybrid cloud storage serves up your cloud-based files so fast it seems like they’re sitting on a local server, while maintaining a rock solid master file in the cloud. 

Boost Productivity

With Panzura, even the largest CAD files typically open in under 10 seconds. Edits are synced to the cloud and to each of your locations every 60 seconds, giving your entire team an up-to-the-minute view of every file while maintaining a single source of truth securely stored in the cloud. 

Eliminate Versioning

Panzura’s unique real time file locking capability enforces a global file lock, where the entire file can only be edited by one user at a time. And, where applications like AutoCAD support it, users can lock just the file elements they are editing, allowing global teams to work on different parts of the same file without overwriting or creating file versions.

Enhance Efficiency

Panzura enhances the cross-office performance of CAD applications such as SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and most other CAD applications. Panzura also serves as the file system for nearly every other application in your portfolio, even multi-user spreadsheets across office locations.

Get The Right People On The Right Project

Panzura lets you utilize skilled professional resources anywhere on the globe, giving every user the same local file experience. No more sending people to work in the same office or express mailing disks to other locations because it’s quicker than transmitting files; all your people can access any file they need to in real time.

Save On Bandwidth

Panzura’s patented technology maximizes your efficiency while minimizing your bandwidth demands by syncing only changed portions of any file to the cloud and to every local filer, rather than syncing the entire file every time. That means every 60 second sync takes the least possible time and transports the least possible data. 

Reduce Infrastructure Costs By Up To 90%

Moving structured and unstructured data to the cloud through Panzura eliminates the need for expensive file servers, WAN optimization, tape backups, tape infrastructure, and associated backup software. At the same time, you have access to unlimited storage growth while being able to access your files at any time.