Accelerate Collaboration and Reduce Infrastructure Costs

As a manufacturing firm, you rely on fast, efficient collaboration across sites to remain competitive in a global economy. CAD and other applications need to work as well across sites as they do within a single office. PDM solutions are great for managing the data about CAD files but don’t solve the poor performance of accessing files over a WAN or needed multiple copies of the CAD files that come along with CAD file replication.


There’s a better way. With Panzura, your distributed CAD and PLM project teams can work across sites as though they’re in the same room. With Panzura, you can:

  • Accelerate collaboration. Panzura eliminates the “file open” problem that can leave users waiting. File opens take seconds, not minutes or hours.
  • Get the right people on the right project. You can increase project efficiency by pulling in project team members with the right skills – no matter where they live. No more bench time.
  • Eliminate the “versioning” problem. Our Distributed File Locking lets teams work on the same file at the same time without stepping on each other’s toes.
  • Run all your applications more efficiently than ever. Panzura works seamlessly with most major CAD applications.
  • Reduce infrastructure costs by up to 90%. By connecting you securely to the cloud, Panzura eliminates the need for costly, redundant infrastructure in each office.
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“Before Panzura, one of our engineers once spent more than an hour to download a small 82 megabyte video. When Panzura was installed, he downloaded that same video and was able to view the file instantly. He told me it just ‘flew off’ the Panzura.”

Accelerate Collaboration

Manufacturing project files include hundreds or thousands of files requiring thousands more file system transactions, such as opens, lookups, locks, closes, and unlocks. Milwaukee Tool was no different. As the company discovered, more than 90% of the delay was associated with numerous roundtrips being made to the data center for specific file operations. The farther the office, the more acute the problem. Panzura solves the ‘File Open’ problem, reducing file open times from 40 minutes to 30 seconds for CAD/PLM files and from 7 hours to 20 seconds for multi-gigabit 4000 frame per second video files.

Get the Right People on the Right Project

A single project team can consist of skilled professionals geographically distributed across multiple offices. Panzura provides “People Virtualization” by enabling Manufacturing firms to tap into their people anywhere on the globe, optimizing expertise wherever it existed rather than having to rely upon the resources of a single location or the relocation of employees to a different office.

Eliminate the “Versioning” Problem

With Panzura, distributed teams can collaborate together like they are all within the same office. Project teams using CAD applications like SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and most other CAD applications don’t have to worry about file integrity/corruption issues or file replication. The local Panzura Freedom Filer appliance owns the lock for the chosen file, reducing sync times and increasing productivity. This means that only one location can write to a file at a time, but every team can be working on the project at once. Read more on Panzura’s Distributed File Locking.

Run All Your Manufacturing Applications Efficiently

Panzura enhances the cross-office performance of CAD applications such as SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and most other CAD applications. Panzura also serves as the file system for nearly every other application in a firm’s portfolio, even multi-user spreadsheets across office locations.


Reduce Infrastructure Costs by up to 90%

Moving structured and unstructured data to the cloud through Panzura eliminates the need for expensive file servers, WAN optimization, tape backups, tape infrastructure, and associated backup software. At the same time, firms have access to unlimited storage growth while being able to access their files at any time.