Hybrid Cloud NAS Use Case

Economics, Scalability, Durability, and Performance

Panzura Hybrid Cloud NAS

The Challenge of Legacy NAS

Legacy NAS has been the storage solution of choice for managing unstructured data for many years. However, it was designed for a different time with different requirements. The explosive growth of unstructured data and the global nature of enterprises have overwhelmed legacy NAS making it extremely complex and costly.

Local, Not Distributed

Ideal for local data sharing, but cannot effectively share large data sets over distance.

Complex and Costly

Complex and costly data protection processes burden IT and still limit data availability and durability.

Difficult to Scale

Limited and costly scalability options make managing data growth expensive and difficult.

Is Moving to the Cloud the Answer?

Business leaders are asking IT to leverage the cloud, but IT is often hesitating. Why? Migrating data to the cloud offers many benefits, but also adds its own challenges in terms of performance and business continuity.



At a cost of pennies per GB, cloud storage offers affordability that on-premise storage cannot match.


On-demand scalability that can grow to support any data set means never having to over buy storage again.


By automatically replicating data to redundant data centers in different geographies, cloud providers can offer 13 9s or greater durability.



The inherent latency of connecting to a local data center, as well as the serial nature of cloud object storage, means that cloud object storage cannot match local data center performance. This limits the workloads that can migrate to the cloud since many applications and users have a continous demand on performance.

Business Continuity

Applications and business workflows have been built around traditional SMB and NFS protocols. Migrating to the cloud, which uses object storage, means rewriting applications or changing established business processes. Neither is acceptable for the enterprise.

Panzura Freedom NAS Unlocks the Power of the Cloud

Panzura Freedom NAS™ is an intelligent hybrid cloud storage solution designed for enterprise workloads. Because it is underpinned by Panzura CloudFS™, it offers the economics, scalability, and durability of the cloud along with the performance and business continuity of local storage. Freedom NAS enables organizations to consolidate storage, reduce costs, and improve performance and collaboration for every site in the global enterprise.

Freedom NAS is a breakthrough in managing unstructured data. For more information, see the Freedom NAS page, download the Freedom NAS datasheet or the Freedom Family solution brief.

Panzura Freedom NAS Delivers Value to Your Enterprise

Consolidate storage

The use of legacy NAS in the enterprise has resulted in islands of storage that are difficult to manage, limit scalability, and do not provide effective collaboration across sites. Freedom NAS consolidates 100% of unstructured data in the cloud simplifying management, eliminating scalability issues, and improving performance across sites.

Eliminate backup and DR processes

Replication and backup processes consume both time and resources. They are difficult to manage and result in multiple, redundant copies of data. By consolidating data in the cloud, data is protected through the high durability of the cloud. Enterprise snapshots provide point in time data restoration for fast recovery.

Enterprise workloads

As an enterprise solution, Freedom NAS supports both NFS and SMB as high performance protocols simultaneously.

Fast deployment

Acquiring and deploying legacy NAS systems is a complex, expensive process that can take months. Freedom NAS can go from concept to deployment in minutes.

Pay-as-you go and scale on demand

Choose the public or private cloud provider that meets the needs of the organization. Never again purchase storage in advance of need. With Freedom NAS, organizations can simply add capacity as they need it. As the costs of cloud storage decline, the enterprise gains the cost savings.

Replace Legacy NAS


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