In an industry where mistakes can prove fatal, it’s vital for healthcare providers to be able to keep every byte of data securely stored, replicated and easily accessible so they can provide the best possible care for patients, while meeting their legal requirements.

As the sheer volume of data escalates, storage requirements  for healthcare are straining physical and financial limits. To compound the problem, advances in digital imaging means critical digital files such as x-rays are rapidly increasing in file size. It’s not a job for an ordinary file storage offering.

Accessing Sensitive Patient Data In Real Time

Large volumes of sensitive patient data need to be shared across hospitals and between office locations on a constant basis and it’s critical that doctors can access up-to-date patient information. With Panzura, even the most data-heavy patient files accessible the moment they’re needed, with a master file stored in the cloud and available at every local filer in your network.

Never Lose A File

Panzura’s constant data snapshots means restoring a file that’s accidentally been deleted, or become corrupted, is just a mouse click away. These automated snapshots remove the need for scheduled or manual backups, as each one is saved to the cloud and dispersed across every local filer.

Reduced Overall Storage Requirements

To comply with HIPAA regulations, data storage, backup, protection and archiving  means traditional storage requirements of around 5x the size of your total data file. With Panzura and our specialized cloud partner Datatility, overall storage size can drop by up to 70%. That’s because Panzura’s solution is backed up, replicated, archived and protected  as part of the service.

Military Grade Security

The cloud used to be considered vulnerable when it came to security. With Panzura, security protections are as rigorous as they come. Whether in storage or in transit between local filers and cloud storage, data is encrypted and secured with FIPS140-2 certified security to meet HIPAA requirements.