Energy, Oil, & Gas

High levels of successful oil drilling and production come from the ability to gather, transfer, analyze, and protect data — across sites, across countries, and across the world. Storing and retaining all this data, while providing real-time access, is equally critical.


Real-Time Access Across Sites

You need your data to be up-to-date across all your sites so that teams can make the most informed decisions. Panzura gives project teams fast, easy access to large files and data sets information — such as seismic readings to analysts and back to the drillers — is no longer a multi-day task. With Panzura’s Distributed Cloud File System and its innovative caching technology, data transfer times for large files or for a large number of small files takes far less time, providing the end user with a local user experience.

Cloud Economics

Moving data to the cloud provides many advantages, but key to Chevron was the unlimited storage space the Panzura solution afforded. With data growth rates approaching 30% per year, Panzura’s global deduplication and compression helped reduce overall storage needs even further. A residual benefit of this solution is that Chevron users get unlimited storage space leading to fewer data storage silos with far less administration and management needed. Enhanced, protected, granular, data accessibility, with easy sharing capabilities and reporting, vastly improved productivity.