Active Archive, Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

In addition to backup and disaster recovery requirements, enterprises are increasingly finding the need to extract and analyze archived data. Compliance regulations have made data accessibility and retention a business necessity.

The Challenge with Traditional Data Archiving

Traditional data archiving moves inactive data to a lower cost medium and that frequently means backup data travels offsite. Worse, because enterprises typically have a mix of centrally and locally held active data, backup data can become siloed. As a result, accessing archived data or restoring from a backup involves time and expense retrieving it from remote storage, and the results are often incomplete.

Data backup without Panzura

Panzura Gives You Complete, Immediate Access to Active and Archived Data

Panzura’s global cloud file solution compresses and deduplicates your data, reducing your overall storage requirements by up to 70%. As a result, all of your enterprise data can be stored in the cloud. Every location in your network has access to the same files and, using Panzura’s data log and management tool, searching through even petabytes of data is quick and easy. 

Panzura consolidates all your data in the cloud, allowing for immediate and complete disaster recovery

Data Consolidation

Your enterprise data from all of your sites is consolidated in your cloud storage, with multiple snapshots giving up to 99.99999999999999% durability.

Complete Global Availability

Panzura’s global file system makes the same data available from any filer, in any location in your network. If a location fails, your data is unaffected.

Comprehensive Disaster Recovery

Files, folders or your complete global cloud file system can be quickly restored from snapshots, and any filer can be rebuilt from the cloud.

Active Archive Access

Panzura’s data de-duplication and compression means you never have to store data offsite. Instead, it’s easily accessible in the cloud regardless of its age.

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With Panzura Freedom Archive, Chevron saw immediate results such as unlimited storage, faster database dumps to the cloud, consolidation of data, and multi-million dollars of savings a year.

American College of Radiology

The organization needed to find a storage solution that would provide solid performance for end users, support data growth, and meet HIPAA security requirements – all at a cost-effective price.