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Reduce Storage Footprint, Eliminate Tape, Gain Scale, Simplify Management

Panzura Active Archive

The Challenge With Traditional Data Archiving

Traditional data archiving moves inactive data to a lower cost medium. While that sounds like a good way to save money on high cost storage, there are many problems with it.


Traditional archive adds management and infrastructure complexity. And when used across multiple locations, that complexity grows.

Storage Bloat

As multiple redundant or similar files are archived, the archive can suffer from storage bloat. The rate of unstructured storage growth compounds this.

Not Accessible

When an enterprise needs to extract data from the archive, it can be a slow, difficult process. This is particularly true of data stored off site on tape or other media.

Active Archiving in the Cloud

Enterprises are increasingly finding the need to extract and analyze archived data. Compliance regulations have made data accessibility and retention a business requirement. The way to satisfy this is by replacing traditional archive with an active archive solution.

Panzura Freedom Archive™ keeps 100% of data available, while intelligently moving cold data to less expensive storage. Traditional archive uses a complex and expensive system of data tiering hardware and software to achieve this. Panzura solves this by consolidating archive data in the cloud, where it is affordable, permanently available, and protected by cloud durability.

Freedom Archive Delivers Value to Your Enterprise

Reduce Storage Footprint

Data is deduplicated and compressed before it is sent to the cloud, reducing the total footprint and associated storage costs.

Gain Cloud Scale

Purchase cloud capacity as it is needed and scale on-demand. Cloud storage can easily scale to meet the needs of any organization.

Eliminate Tape Backup

Archiving data directly to the cloud means that organizations never have to send tapes offsite again.

Simplify Management

Tape management is simplified as archive data is consolidated in the cloud. Fast metadata access means data recovery is quick and easy.

For more information, see the Freedom Archive page, download the Freedom Archive datasheet or the Freedom Family solution brief.

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