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Learn how to manage and maintain a Panzura CloudFS deployment.

Panzura learning

Panzura Learning offers a foundational course specifically designed for IT managers, network administrators, and systems/storage administrators who will be working with Panzura deployments.


  • Course Duration: 3 Days
  • Course Format: Combines lecture and hands-on labs
  • Class Maximum: 12 on-site and 8 remote
  • Course Prerequisite: Working knowledge of data storage concepts, as well as familiarity with cloud computing fundamentals.


  • Understand the enterprise class architecture and technologies powering the Panzura product line
  • Master Panzura CloudFS concepts
  • Compare implementation of hardware, virtual, and cloud platforms
  • Install, administer, and troubleshoot CloudFS locations
  • Understand Panzura Data Services and Cloud Block Store offerings
  • Engage Panzura Support

Topics Covered


  • Alerts and reporting
  • WebUI CloudFS and Dashboard
  • File search and audit


  • Global Read Write
  • High Availability
  • Intelligent Caching
  • Cloud Connectors
  • Real Time Sync and Snapshots
  • Introduction to Data Services
  • Introduction to Cloud Block Store

Administration ​

  • Panzura WebUI
  • Creating SMB / NFS shares
  • CloudFS administration (user access, permissions)
  • User snapshots and master snapshots
  • Cache settings and Smart Cache
  • Upgrades and patches
  • HA failovers and takeovers


  • Who Is Panzura?
  • Introducing Panzura CloudFS

Installation ​

  • Virtual nodes
  • Cloud nodes

Troubleshooting ​

  • CloudFS diagnostics
  • Performance

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