Panzura Freedom Collaboration

Panzura Freedom Collaboration™, underpinned by Panzura CloudFS™, enables enterprises to replace legacy NAS and empower a globally distributed workforce to collaborate in real-time.

Panzura CloudFS

Panzura Freedom Archive

Single site solution to eliminate backup and archive, replace local NAS, or manage large data sets such as genomic and seismic data

Panzura Freedom NAS

Replace legacy NAS and consolidate data across any number of sites to modernize the data center while achieving local all flash performance

Freedom Collaboration™

Panzura CloudFS - Freedom Collaboration

Replace islands of storage, eliminate the impact of latency, and empower global users to collaborate in real-time

Real-Time Matters

Modern business applications are driving the need for multiple users to work collaboratively on the same projects at the same time, even though those users may be oceans apart. Panzura patented distributed file and byte-range locking overcomes the effect of latency between offices, eliminating delays in opening or synchronizing files using advanced applications like Revit or Civil3D.

Panzura Freedom Collaboration

Freedom Collaboration extends this capability to the global enterprise. Programs that use byte-range locking can take advantage of this as users from any location can open a part of file, while users in another location can open a different part of the same file. Data is never over-written and there is never more than one version. Having technology that supports collaboration in real time matters. Eventual collaboration leads to data corruption.

Remote Offices, Local Data Center Performance

Every Freedom Collaboration Filer provides local data center performance by using advanced algorithms to cache the data users need most. Caching is based upon recency of creation and recency of access, while always giving administrators the freedom to choose the data that they want pinned locally. Caching is done on high speed flash, so access is the same or better than on local, legacy NAS systems.

Replace Legacy NAS

In addition to real-time, global collaboration, enterprises can replace legacy NAS systems with Freedom Collaboration to gain the economics, scalability, and durability of the cloud while achieving local data center performance for every user at every location.

Legacy NAS

Not collaborative across sites
Creates islands of storage
Efficiently shares data locally
Creates multiple, redundant copies of data
Low to medium data resiliency
Low to medium data availability
Limited scalability


Freedom Collaboration

Real time, global collaboration
Reduces costs by up to 70%
Consolidates storage
Efficiently shares data globally
Creates one copy of data in the cloud
High data resiliency
High data availability
Cloud scalability

Consolidate and Save

Problem: Legacy NAS is ideal for sharing data within a single site, but cannot effectively share across geographies. The result is global enterprises are burdened with islands of storage at each location, increasing cost and complexity.

Solution: Freedom Collaboration consolidates 100% of unstructured data in the cloud to eliminate islands of storage, while reducing costs by up to 70%.

Problem: Data protection with legacy NAS requires keeping multiple copies of data in multiple locations, using complex backup models that waste time and money. Freedom NAS stores one copy of data in the cloud and eliminates cumbersome backup and replication processes.

Solution: Every Freedom Collaboration Filer has read-only access to data from every other Filer. This is similar to what NetApp SnapMirror provides, but without the extra cost, complexity, and wasted capacity.

Unprecedented Performance and Scale

Problem: Legacy NAS provides good performance for local users, but remote users often suffer from slow performance.

Solution: Freedom Collaboration uses advanced caching on high performance flash to deliver local, data center performance to every user, at every location.

Problem: Managing data growth with legacy NAS means over buying capacity years in advance of need, or relying on on-premises storage to scale up.

Solution: Freedom Collaboration offers virtually unlimited scalability on-demand for pennies per GB.

Enterprise Cloud Data Protection

Problem: Legacy NAS relies on costly replication and backup technology to protect data and keep it available.

Solution: Freedom Collaboration stores 100% of unstructured data in the cloud, taking advantage of cloud durability, which can exceed 13 9s.

Problem: Legacy NAS copy-on–write snapshots are two fold. First, they impact performance as they require three IO operations for every write. Second, over time they degrade performance.

Solution: Freedom Collaboration protects data with space efficient, enterprise-class snapshots that never impact performance and stores any number of snapshots to meet any retention policy. Achieve a near-zero recovery point objective (RPO) with the ability to immediately restore data from an entire file system down to an individual file.

Freedom to Choose

Panzura Freedom provides the freedom to choose the public or private cloud provider of your choice. Deploy Freedom Collaboration across sites in any combination of Freedom Filers™, as virtual machines (VMs) on your existing infrastructure, or as an in-cloud instance. Mobile EFSS enables users to access data from any location using any device.

For more information, download the Freedom Collaboration datasheet or the Freedom Family solution brief.

Freedom Collaboration Features

All tiers of storage in one

Since all of your data lives in the cloud, it’s automatically protected by your cloud provider. No more backup, no more tape, no more replication for disaster recovery.

Cloud-backed with 13 9s of durability

Freedom Collaboration connects to the public or private cloud of your choice and uses it to store the authoritative copy of all your files.

Intelligent caching

Active data is cached on your Panzura Freedom Filer, speeding up performance when users access data.

Deduplication and compression

Much more efficient storage and backup, more room for files, less data sent over your network, and best of all, lower cloud storage costs.

Enterprise class snapshots

Store all the snapshots you will ever need in the cloud without impacting performance, and with the ability to quickly restore from a full file system down to an individual file level.

Any cloud, any platform, any device

Deploy Freedom Collaboration on a Panzura Freedom Filer, as a VM in your virtual environment, or as an in-cloud instance.

Full POSIX protocol support

Freedom Collaboration fully supports the latest versions of SMB v3 and NFS v4 to deliver maximum performance and compatibility for your workloads.

Automated, centralized management

An intuitive GUI with powerful wizards makes setup and management fast and easy. Mobile EFSS enables users to access data from any location using any device.

Extended access control lists (ACLs)

Granular permissions-based file access.

Enterprise class security

Panzura is FIPS 140-2 compliant with AES-256 bit encryption, so your data is secure at rest and in-flight, whether it’s on a local Filer or in the cloud.

Automatic offsite protection

No more storing tapes or drives offsite. Freedom NAS makes the cloud a single target for all archiving.

Support for database and VMDK archiving

Freedom NAS lets you use the cloud to archive VMware VMDK files and direct Oracle or SQL database dumps.

Distributed file and element locking

Distributed file and element locking enables users in globally distributed offices to work together on complex files at the same time as if they were in the same room.

File integrity everywhere

Distributed file locking also makes sure files are locked when they’re in use so you don’t have to worry about corrupt files or managing different versions.

Global metadata

Each Panzura Freedom Filer has a copy of the metadata for every file in the distributed file system, making file access and locking fast for every user.

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