Cloud Block Store

Feature-Rich Storage for Containers

Panzura Cloud Block Store is a cloud-native, Kubernetes web-scale persistent storage platform that automagically scales up when you need it and can be scaled back down when you don’t.

Infinitely scalable, cloud block store is a distributed read cache on local and persistent SSDs that optimizes Kubernetes applications resources for performance and cost.

Panzura Cloud Block Components

HyperConverged Persistent Block Storage for Docker Containers

Web-Scale Architecture

– Up to 1PB volume namespace
– 100TB distributed read-cache on local and persistent SSD
– Auto scale out and down, based on read cache hits (and cost)
– Backup, archival and analytics workloads I/O performance optimized

Panzura Cloud Block Store

Feature Complete

Thin provisioned, global deduplication & compression

Simple to implement via CLI and Automation

Support for Intel Optane in AppDirect mode (16TB cache)

AES256 Encryption

CSI Driver Compliant

Unlimited Mountable Snapshots

Real-time stats and reporting

High Performance POSIX Volume Interface

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