Panzura Data Services provides a robust “single pane of glass” management experience for CloudFS files, as well as added findability across other SMB or NFS storage devices such as NetApp and PowerScale/Isilon. In this way, Data Services gives frontline IT, data management, and IT security teams the visibility and observability they need across an organization’s entire file network. Tightly integrated with other components in the Panzura Platform, Data Services also helps identify and alert on suspicious patterns that may indicate a ransomware attack in your environment. For CloudFS files, administrators get highly performant file search, audit, recovery and AI-supported analysis through Data Services seamless ingestion of CloudFS metadata and audit log data.

Why Data Services Matters

According to 2023 research from Asana, U.S. workers lose nearly three hours of productivity per week to duplicated work, including recreating files that cannot be easily found. In earlier research, Asana noted that 58% of management ranked file findability among the top three challenges impacting productivity.

For IT teams, finding and restoring deleted files from backups, ensuring file data is secure and compliant, and monitoring the health of file networks occupies a punishing amount of time. Because unstructured and file data is widely distributed across storage silos, locations, and applications, and the volume of this data is increasing rapidly, there’s an urgent need for a better approach.

Panzura Data Services radically improves the findability, management of, and efficient monitoring of unstructured data. Comprising three tiers (Basic, Search, and Audit), its use is a best practice for those seeking more value from files and from Panzura CloudFS—so much so, we’ve included the Basic tier of Data Services within CloudFS itself at no extra cost.

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