Driving Digital Transformation with Hybrid Cloud Storage

Intelligent Multi-Cloud File Services with Panzura’s Cloud-Native Global File System

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The explosion of data has created many opportunities for enterprises to convert it into inexhaustible fuel for driving revenue growth, customer intimacy, and enterprise-wide innovation. Digital business, intelligent automation, IoT, machine learning et al have opened the door to a plethora of digital transformation opportunities. Businesses want to consume cloud technology and transform into the digital enterprises they need to become to delight their customers.

Hybrid cloud infrastructures are becoming a critical component in the modern IT stack as legacy storage and backup technologies are no longer an effective solution in today’s global environment. However, as organizations worldwide open up to embrace cloud architectures to optimize internal and external resources and accelerate business operations, the key question is, “How do you partner with the right hybrid cloud storage provider?” Gartner’s Hype Cycle helps businesses evaluate various hybrid infrastructure service options to implement and manage new hybrid models.

Over the last three years at Panzura, we have reshaped the company to make it a market leader in enterprise multi-cloud file services and multi-cloud data management. Continuing with our relentless innovation, we announced major breakthroughs with the launch of Panzura Freedom 8 in June 2019. We have empowered our customers to migrate to the cloud with ease and operate seamlessly in the cloud. As I see real deployments that have propelled business growth in a hybrid cloud model for our customers, I am confident that more enterprises can change the rules of the business by taking the right approach to a hybrid cloud architecture.

As your company modernizes its IT environment, I invite you to collaborate with us to see how we have solved the pain points of our customers. Whether it is migrating applications and data to the cloud without sacrificing performance, consolidating data infrastructure to the cloud, collaborating globally in real-time for large projects, or unlocking multi-cloud data with search and analytics, Panzura brings you the power of simplicity. So that you can grow with ease. Unbounded, with the cloud.


Patrick Harr, CEO
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Patrick Harr