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Smart Apps to Access, Enhance, Protect, & Monitor Your Data

Panzura’s Smart App layer provides next-generation data management capabilities, enabling consolidation, simplification, and advanced ransomware protection eliminating the need for insecure 3rd party applications and services.

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Sync Securely Remotely

High-performing teams are no longer restricted to one geography.

Panzura's Edge Access app gives you the freedom to securely access your file system from any device, anywhere in the world, simply via a web browser.

Say “farewell” to risky shadow IT – forever. With Edge Access, your data remains in your secure Panzura environment so there’s no need for users to leverage non-auditable apps like Dropbox, Box, etc. You’re welcome.

Panzura Edge Access Panzura Edge Acess Panzura Edge Access Panzura Edge Access Panzura Edge Access
  • Efficient and

    We deduplicate and compress your data and use military-grade encryption for efficient and secure file storage to meet cost and compliance requirements.

  • Flexible File

    When you need to provide remote access, we've got you covered on any device, on any OS, from anywhere in the world.

  • Simple Permission Setting

    No need to re-provision file access permissions. Edge Access will recognize and honor the SMB file share permissions already configured on your Panzura CloudFS.

  • Cloud-Native Architecture

    Scale across multiple geographies and scale up to meet the most demanding user loads. Your collaboration potential is limitless.

  • Auditable
    User Logs

    Never miss a thing. All file actions taken by users connected through Edge Access are visible in your Data Services Audit subscription.

  • IT

    Allow seamless access to users outside of the office while allowing your IT team to keep your data visible, protected, secure, and compliant.


Next level ransomware protection

Our ransomware protection technology secures your data should an attack happen, and it’s going to! However, you still need to know that an attack is occurring, and that’s where Panzura Protect comes in.

Panzura Enhanced Ransomware Protection is a ransomware detection and alerting system that triggers alerts within 20 seconds of an attack, allowing you to minimize downtime and rapidly restore files to their pre-attack state. The average downtime for most companies is 21 days*, by which time it’s too late. With Panzura your downtime will be minutes to hours, not days to weeks.

Panzura Enhanced Ransomware Protection lets you know exactly when and where an attack happens, so you can stop it ASAP.

*Source: Institute for Security & Technology: Combating Ransomware

  • 20

    Under 20 second alert response time

  • 99.98%

    Infection detection accuracy

  • 0

    Customers have paid ransoms

If your business hasn’t experienced a ransomware attack yet, it’s just a matter of time. Panzura safeguards your data by making it immune to attacks and cyber threats.

With Panzura ransomware protection, infected doesn’t mean affected. No one else can say that! Panzura provides the #1 solution to the #1 problem.

Knowledge is power. Use our resources to find out more.

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