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Choose from our catalog to understand your hybrid cloud possibilities, as well as learn how others have replaced legacy network-attached storage for reduced storage, increased productivity and security.

Case Studies

Panzura, Ingleton Wood and Symetri

Ingleton Wood

“As a cloud-based system, Panzura gives us all the associated benefits of scalability and storage. Everything is now smoother and faster – storage, backup, one set of data, and less data overall – and we’ve gained agility across the company.”

From 24 Hours to Real-Time

Replacing Dell Servers and Nimble SAN arrays with Panzura let this top tier gaming company’s designers work together across the globe, slashing the time for file updates to be visible everywhere from 24 hours, to immediate.

Pret a Manger - Panzura

Pret A Manger

Data integrity, rapid collaboration across sites and cost savings. “In simple terms, we’ve given our teams a better experience, that’s less complex to manage, and actually has a positive impact on our cost base.”


Performance, without compromising reliability, or paying through the nose

Performance, Without Compromising Reliability

It’s all too easy to think that cloud storage will behave just like local, or data center storage. After all, it’s pitched as an upgrade, so it must be just as fast, and come with all the same features, and more.

Unleash Real-Time Collaboration on Adobe Creative Projects

Content designers and editorial teams get a radical performance boost when people can collaborate on their Adobe Creative workflows. That means teams need to have the ability to edit and share project files in real time, as well as see the latest changes,

Public? Private? Hybrid? How to Make Good Cloud Decisions

With the benefits of adopting cloud storage clear, and the decision to move to the cloud made, how do you make the best cloud decision? Check out our on-demand webinar with us and special guest Russell Catalano from IBM for a candid discussion about public cloud options,

Solution Briefs

Panzura Solution Brief - Ransomware Protection

Ransomware Protection

Panzura’s modern, resilient approach to protecting data means that ransomware attacks do not damage files in the Panzura global file system. Instead, attacks are shrugged off by quickly reverting back to previous data blocks, to make up uninfected files. Download it free

Data Sheets

Panzura Filer

The Panzura filer is a unique device that integrates primary storage, cloud storage, backup, versioning, WAN acceleration and a global file system into a single solution. Download Data Sheet

Panzura in Two Minutes

Panzura in Two Minutes

Panzura’s global cloud file system lets you work better – faster – more collaboratively, in the cloud. Our unique blend of hybrid cloud storage serves up cloud-based files so fast it seems like they’re sitting on a local server, while maintaining a rock solid master file in the cloud.

Panzura Power of One

Panzura is the only company to deliver the Power of ONE promise with Freedom 8. Freedom 8 unifies everything into one global cloud file system and one collaborative ring. This means that our customers

Panzura 101

  Panzura 101 Panzura VP, WW Solutions Architects, Brian Wink, explains how Freedom NAS and deliver the Power of One. Watch Lightboard Video.

White Papers

Panzura Freedom CloudFS Whitepaper

Panzura CloudFS

Panzura CloudFS provides today’s enterprise with a cluster-based solution that spans data centers, office sites and compute clouds enabling local, hybrid and in-cloud data.
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