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Panzura Solution Brief - Streamlining SOX Compliance

Solution Brief – Streamlining SOX Compliance

Panzura’s modern approach to data management streamlines the organization’s ability to implement the security controls for financial data mandated by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act as well as protecting both regulated and unregulated data.

Panzura Solution Brief - GDPR Compliance

Solution Brief – GDPR Compliance

Panzura offers data privacy and security by design, allowing organizations to keep data secure and protected, securely delete it when necessary, track data access and movement, and prove GDPR compliance when required.

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Panzura + Wasabi - security, visibility, compliance at a cost effective price

Keep Unstructured Data Secure, Visible and Compliant with Panzura & Wasabi

Together, Panzura and Wasabi empower teams and users to collaborate securely from anywhere with the same feel of local storage performance and consistency. In this channel partner webinar, we show you how to move quickly towards digital transformation and turn your customers’ unstructured data to structure, then to value.

On-demand webinar: Restoring Damaged Files, Fast – Panzura

Data Resilience Part II – Restoring Damaged Files, Fast

In part II of our data resilience series, we dig into how to find damaged or lost files fast, and how to restore them without losing edits. Whether it’s millions of accidentally deleted files, or a wide-ranging ransomware attack, we’ll show you how to find affected data, and the brand new CloudFS tool to restore data en masse.