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Panzura has a variety of documents to assist you in understanding how to maximize your productivity and manage unstructured data growth in the cloud. Select below for a list of documents by category.

Case Studies

Barton Willmore

When the UK’s leading independent planning and design consultancy began to exhaust their on-premise storage and could no longer work collaboratively across their 13 offices, they knew they needed a solution that would allow them to leverage cloud technology….Read Case Study

C&S Companies and Panzura

C&S Companies

Everyone on staff knew if you weren’t based at C&S Companies’ headquarters, you should open a file and take a coffee break. If you were lucky, the file would be ready to use when you got back. Read Case Study

Timmons Group

With 16 offices across the United States bringing various Engineering and technological projects to life, it’s important that Timmons Group team members are able to collaborate…Read Case Study

White Papers

Panzura Freedom CloudFS Whitepaper

Panzura Freedom Whitepaper

Panzura Freedom NAS provides today’s enterprise with a cluster-based solution that spans data centers, office sites and compute clouds enabling local, hybrid and in-cloud data.
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Solution Briefs

Panzura solution brief - healthcare

Solution Brief – Healthcare Industry

As the sheer volume of data escalates, storage requirements for healthcare providers are straining physical and financial limits and security is becoming an increasing concern. At the same time, it’s vital that files can be made available across a healthcare provider’s network for immediate access when required.Read Solution Brief


Meet, a new multi-cloud data management platform service from Panzura. Vizion.AI delivers a single, unified vision into data across the enterprise and provides powerful Download Solution Brief

Panzura in Two Minutes

Panzura in Two Minutes

Panzura’s global cloud file system lets you work better – faster – more collaboratively, in the cloud. Our unique blend of hybrid cloud storage serves up cloud-based files so fast it seems like they’re sitting on a local server, while maintaining a rock solid master file in the cloud.

Panzura Power of One

Panzura is the only company to deliver the Power of ONE promise with Freedom 8. Freedom 8 unifies everything into one global cloud file system and one collaborative ring. This means that our customers

Panzura 101

  Panzura 101 Panzura VP, WW Solutions Architects, Brian Wink, explains how Freedom NAS and deliver the Power of One. Watch Lightboard Video.


How to save thousands of IT hours a year with Panzura and

How to Save Thousands of IT Hours a Year

For every 60 minutes your IT people spend digging through syslog files to hunt down file events, they could be spending approximately 59 minutes and 45 seconds doing something that actually moves your business forward. Watch to find out how to save your IT team thousands of hours

Cloud mirroring 101 - a webinar by Panzura

Cloud Mirroring 101

Introducing the Ultimate in Cloud Storage Availability When cloud storage has an outage, your cloud-hosted files are completely inaccessible. Or at least, they were. Panzura’s Cloud Mirroring lets you mirror your entire cloud file data in a completely separate cloud, writing to both at the same time. If