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Panzura Freedom Hybrid Cloud NAS Comes to the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace

The cloud is the last place where your company wants to lose track of its data — or pay for storage it doesn’t need. Deduplicating data is a great way to avoid these issues and achieve the promise of OpEx savings.

For some organizations mixing and matching on-premise and cloud storage remains more of an administrative puzzle than it is worth. One concern is latency, where important and frequently accessed data must be available on local servers. The solution, however, is to do both: adopt a single cohesive file data storage solution with local file performance — caching data locally with Panzura Filer and utilizing a centralized and encrypted storage solution in the Google Cloud.

Panzura’s integration with cloud storage provides enterprises in media and entertainment, genomics, life sciences, healthcare, oil and gas, financial services, and other industries with a centralized cloud data model with local access making rendering workloads possible both in-cloud and on-premise. The key to that success is reducing network overhead consumption by eliminating transmission of duplicated data between data centers or between on-premise to in-cloud resources.

“By bringing Panzura Freedom NAS to GCP Marketplace, Google Cloud customers can consolidate their growing volumes of machine-generated data, such as 4K video, 3D images, IoT data, log data, and other unstructured content into Google Cloud,” said Jason McKinney, Panzura SVP of Alliances and Channels. “This is ideal for a wide variety of applications, including rendering for media and content creation, processing genomics for life sciences, running simulations for financial services, storing medical images for healthcare, and more.”

The GCP Marketplace helps customers innovate by easily adopting new technologies from ISV partners and allows companies to oversee the full lifecycle of a solution, from discovery through management.

“At Google Cloud, we strive to make it as easy as possible for customers to deploy, purchase and manage leading solutions in the cloud,” said Marcin Kurc, Head of Cloud Commerce, Google Cloud. “With availability on GCP Marketplace, Panzura is bringing their Freedom NAS to Google Cloud Platform, simplifying procurement processes and allowing customers to focus on building a successful business.”

Panzura embraces GCP Marketplace’s multi-cloud and hybrid-first philosophy, which focuses on giving its partners and enterprise customers flexibility without lock-in. Key hybrid cloud data management use cases include primary data consolidation, copy data consolidation, global cross-site collaboration, and primary data archive.

For more information about using Panzura Hybrid Cloud solutions, Panzura has posted a white paper with sample use cases here. Panzura will also be at Google Cloud Next 2018 @ booth # W1732.

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