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If you're in the architecture, engineering, construction or manufacturing space, you already know that as soon as you have 3 or more locations, letting your people work together on Civil 3D, Revit, Solidworks and other CAD files is VERY challenging.

The more distance you put between your people and your data, the slower it is to open, edit and save files.  People can create multiple files versions that your IT team needs to merge or (even worse) overwrite each other’s work.  

Looking for alternatives, people work individually on files and then send them between offices.  That’s slow, inefficient and makes it tough to meet deadlines, as well as chewing through your bandwidth.

It's a challenge facing architecture, engineering, construction and manufacturing firms around the world

That's why we're delighted to welcome Cadgroup, one of Australia's largest Autodesk partners, back to the Panzura partner network.

Cadgroup provides technical expertise and solutions for architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing businesses to maximize their investment in design technology and they are the first ever Australia-based Autodesk solutions provider to achieve Platinum status. The Platinum Tier is Autodesk's highest available partner status and it's based on number of customers and rated customer experience.

Cadgroup's mission is to provide hands-on industry experience as well as the latest tools, computer infrastructure and knowledge to help their customers achieve success in any project undertaken. They partner with Autodesk, HP, Bluebeam and other leading vendors and can offer a range of software and hardware solutions, training modules, and consultation services.

Panzura's Chief Revenue Officer Dan Waldschmidt said "We're very proud to join forces with Cadgroup to allow Australia-based AEC firms collaborate on projects in real time, while centrally storing files in the cloud. Cadgroup's focus on putting the best tools into their customers' hands and delivering an outstanding customer experience makes them a very exciting part of our partner program, in an area of the world we're actively expanding our presence in."

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