Panzura® Edge provides a gateway for browser-based, desktop and mobile access to and collaboration on CloudFS files, without the need for a VPN or third-party solution. Staff and trusted partners inside and outside your organization can rely on its highly secure, seamless data access anywhere, any time, on any device. With Edge, they can avoid creating copies or moving data out of your protected, ransomware resilient CloudFS environment. Easy to deploy, easy to navigate, and easy to use, Edge enables the modern world of distributed work while your data stays secure, easily accessible, and fully managed.

Why Edge Matters

According to recent research by McKinsey, the future of work is mobile. “Smartphones paved the way for the connected workforce, but today’s workers need far more than email and a few enterprise applications at their fingertips. They need the ability to work anywhere, anytime...” That future is upon us now, and it poses a challenge for information security leadership as well as storage and data management leaders. As early as 2016NIST cataloged the security threats posed by mobile devices. NIST noted that mobile-device use expands the threat landscape, and our customers told us it can complicate file sharing and collaboration.

Edge not only reduces security risks associated with mobile collaboration, it brings the benefit of CloudFS scalability to those who need to securely access and load very large files, such as construction blueprints, video files needed for legal matters, healthcare radiology images, and lengthy mortgage documents and other contracts.

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