Join Us December 3rd for Panzura’s Global User Group 2019 in London, UK

On Tuesday, December 3rd, IT professionals from around Europe are gathering at the Royal Institute of British Architecture in London to learn how Panzura’s superior, cloud-native technology is helping customers overcome their most crippling multi-cloud challenge, namely: driving critical real-time data file collaboration between globally dispersed teams.

The Issue: Disillusionment with Digital Transformation
Moving to the cloud was supposed to drive efficiencies by providing unlimited processing power, storage, and scalability, and most enterprises were quick to jump on the cloud bandwagon. However, this migration has opened up a slew of issues – one of which is the need to drive critical real-time data file collaboration between globally dispersed teams, while avoiding outmoded, conventional file locking.

In distributed environments, the absence of real-time global file locking capabilities are causing not just technical, but real-world, business-level challenges. Why? Because by enabling multiple people to edit a document at the same time, while making sure that only one version of the file is being edited at a time, teams cannot collaborate in real-time on large projects. What’s more, business-critical deadlines are not being met, data security is at risk, and key data and competitive information is not reaching all relevant stakeholders, leaving some in the dark.

The Solution: Real-World, Global Collaboration with Panzura Freedom +
Andy McGlashan, Panzura Managing Director, EMEA, and Stephen Winfield; Panzura Systems Engineer join Rich Weber, Chief Product Officer and me to discuss:

  • How Panzura Freedom 8 differs from any other solution on the market. Freedom’s distributed file and byte-range locking service is built on a simultaneous hub-and-spoke and peer-to-peer model, ensuring teams work on the same, up-to-date datasets or even the same file at the same time, if the application supports it from discrete locations. There’s no risk of data collisions, overrides, or versions being lost in the system.
  • How, Panzura’s data intelligence solution, eliminates scaling and performance bottlenecks when integrated with Freedom. The single, seamless view of the network, intelligent data caching and dynamic data indexing provide powerful search, analysis, and control of data.
  • The Year Ahead, including technical innovations Panzura will announce in 2020 and beyond.

Peer-to-Peer Networking
Guest panelists Barton Willmore, a planning and design consultancy and WilkinsonEyre, an award-winning architecture firm will discuss what criteria they used to select their preferred file and data management solution, the challenges they overcame, and the outcomes they achieved.

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