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Panzura’s global file system gives you a unified view of your data across multiple locations and cloud environments. By maximizing data visibility you achieve greater control and access, simplify the disaster recovery process, and reduce recovery times (RTO).

Continuous Data Protection

Panzura also offers continuous data protection by capturing changes to data in real time. Snapshots are taken of data at regular intervals, reducing the risk of data loss and enabling granular recovery. Snapshots taken every 60 seconds shorten the RPO by minimizing the amount of data at risk of being lost during a disaster.

Data deduplication and compression techniques reduce the storage and network bandwidth required, enabling faster and more frequent backups at a lower cost. These capabilities reduce the potential data loss window and improve RPOs.

Fast, Scalable Data Restoration

Panzura gives you high-performance access to data. Advanced caching and on-demand data retrieval capabilities allow you to quickly restore crucial data and resume operations, significantly reducing RTO.

Organizations that use Panzura solutions don’t have to worry about how data growth will affect their RTO and RPO. The scalable architecture adapts to changing business needs without compromising performance, so recovery processes can scale alongside your organization’s growth without negatively impacting the RTO and RPO.

The CloudFS global file system stores data in a single, immutable form that users can trust. When files are changed at the edge, the edits are stored as immutable data blocks. The immutable form means that all changes are additive and that nothing can be deleted. Metadata pointers update in real time along with the changes. Snapshots are then taken of the pointers at user-defined intervals that can be as frequent as every second. As the time between snapshots shortens, CloudFS scales to meet your needs, reducing the financial burden and resulting in a near-zero RPO.

The rise of global collaboration via cloud applications has benefited organizations around the world. And as the benefits and possibilities for data sharing and collaboration continue to grow, you will need disaster recovery that minimizes downtime and data loss. Panzura provides the resources — and the expert guidance — to fulfill those needs.

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