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When I previously worked as a Systems Administrator, my first instinct on seeing an issue arise was to resolve it.

When I previously worked as a Systems Administrator, my first instinct on seeing an issue arise was to resolve it. In this regard, I’ve always appreciated Panzura for providing tools for both data and systems management. Even if I couldn’t resolve an issue, at the least, there was information to pass on to the Panzura support team. This blog sheds light on some handy tools that  IT Admins can utilize for daily-administration and troubleshooting purposes.

Your boss Jen realized the benefits of moving to a multi-cloud environment and tasked you with finding the right products to do so. After doing some research online, digging at industry events and trade shows such as VMworld or Autodesk University, you found Panzura to be a good fit for your organization.

Cut to the future: Panzura Freedom storage line’s data consolidation and real-time multi-office collaboration features, and the Vizion platform’s data management capabilities have optimized your organization’s workflow and even helped it expand. Your boss hires a new IT Admin and asks you to show him the ropes. Let’s call the new guy Roy.

File Auditing is a Breeze

Roy mentions that at his previous job, there were a lot of instances where files went missing and obtaining auditing information was a tedious and inefficient process. You show him that Vizion’s File Audit feature allows you to not only identify who took a certain user action on the files, but also export the list as a .csv file for easy analysis.

Vizion's File Audit Feature

Data Restore from any Device

A few weeks have gone, you and your buddy Roy are attending a football game on a weekend when Jen calls you and says she misplaced a file and wants it restored immediately. Roy is not happy that he has to go back to work on a Sunday and do the restore. But you’ve got some good news: you remind him that Vizion is a SaaS offering and he can do the restore right from his device without even needing to be connected to the company network.

Vizion is a Saas, you can restore files from your device without being connected to company network

Additionally, Roy can even set Vizion to send an email automatically to Jen after the restore task has been completed.

Confirmation email can be sent when task is completed

Real-time Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

Everything is going smoothly when you get an alert from your primary cloud service provider that the region where your object store is located has an outage. Roy knows that the Freedom OS provides you standard and built-in tools to diagnose and troubleshoot issues. He runs basic network commands such as ping, nslookup and traceroute among others to check connectivity to the object-store.

Diagnostic Tools

You, being more familiar with the environment show him some built-in tools through which he could have achieved more thorough cloud-specific results with ease. Crucially, Roy realizes that your organization implements Panzura’s Cloud Mirroring feature which provides object-store redundancy in such scenarios. And all the traffic is automatically routed through your secondary object-store.

Diagnostic Tools

The holidays are approaching and you are about to wind-down for the week when users start complaining about slow access to files. The first thing you do is run the command to obtain detailed cache statistics of the Panzura controller. The statistics don’t show anything unusual.

Example of Statistics

The issue persists however and you decide to do some packet captures to further analyze where the issue might be originating from. You initialize a TCP packet capture within the Panzura controller and download their results.

TCP Packet Capture within Panzura Controller

While analyzing the results you notice that there are a few dropped packets when a certain set of PDF files are accessed. At this point, you realize that the issue needs to be inspected by a qualified Panzura technician and reach out to the Support team who help resolve the issue and educate you on the cause.

In conclusion, by utilizing tools offered by Panzura’s Freedom and Vizion.ai platform, we want the IT Admin to be self-sufficient. We realize however that you will require our help occasionally to resolve some issues. In the real world, when you have no avenues to gather even the most basic of information to provide to support teams, precious time is lost, in turn affecting the overall cost and productivity. By utilizing these tools to proactively collect information we hope we can streamline your experience Panzura Support and help meet your SLAs during those occasions when you need help.

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