See and monitor everything, find and analyze anything with a powerful cloud file management dashboard that gives you a complete view over your entire cloud network.

From meeting data compliance requirements to driving intelligence from data logs, monitoring the health of your infrastructure to keeping your network secure, makes it easy for your IT team to do their job.

SIEM, log management and infrastructure monitoring in one

Centralized Search and Audit

Find any file and any file event with a powerful search portal that reaches across your entire cloud network and integrates seamlessly with your Panzura filers. Audit file events, track access and usage and recover files with just one click. file search and audit
Monitor your network activity and infrastructure with

Security Information and Event Management

Simplify monitoring and troubleshooting with elegant dashboards that make it easy to see what’s happening. From CPU usage to disk space,  get an up-to-the-minute information on the health of your entire global file system from every possible angle.

Log Management

Search, filter and visualize logs across your entire IT portfolio with our universal data collectors. 

Simply click and connect your data sources, let import your data and use our powerful tools to find what you need.

Centralized log management with

Simplified Cloud Visibility

Built on the ELK stack, lets you harness the power of ELK and Kubernetes without managing your own deployment or dedicated infrastructure. With hundreds of data connectors, it’s a complete cloud management tool, provided as a fully managed cloud service.