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Life-changing data management solutions

Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations trust Panzura to manage and protect their critical data, enable better patient outcomes, and power faster, smarter research.

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We provide unrivaled data management solutions for leading healthcare and life sciences organizations, hospitals, and research institutions.

Panzura - Built for Healthcare & Life Sciences

It has never been more difficult for organizations to find, manage, and analyze the massive amounts of data being produced every minute of every day by life-changing medical procedures and research. Panzura reduces the risks associated with sensitive data creation and improves efficiency by providing secure and reliable data management solutions with predictable pricing structures.

Protect your data like you protect your patients.

Keeping data safe while staying on the right side of ever-increasing regulations takes constant vigilance. By strengthening your entire security posture with built-in resilience to ransomware, rapid data recovery, and military-grade security, Panzura keeps you HIPAA compliant — and out of the news.

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Gain deeper insights to drive critical decisions.

Making good decisions is almost impossible when your organization is drowning in data you can’t make sense of. Panzura simplifies and consolidates your data management, improving access and visibility, empowering collaboration, and letting you drive better outcomes faster than ever before.


Focus all your attention on patient issues, not data issues.

Medical imaging data can quickly grow to enormous volumes that consume petabytes of storage. As a practice grows and the number of patients increase, so does the data. Panzura’s streamlined global file system lets you keep all your data for as long as necessary, making it easily accessible to the people or applications that need to access it — even if the data’s archived.

healthcare data storage management and capacity

Panzura gives us the flexibility to grow over time and absolutely nails the performance at the predictable pricing we need.

— American College of Radiology

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