Energy, Oil & Gas.

When accurate information on a global scale is the key to success, security is vital and file sizes are challenging, the technology that stores, shares, protects, and manages the data needs to be robust.

Panzura for energy, oil and gas

Oil drilling and production companies are under pressure to execute on a global scale by transferring, analyzing and managing data to get the best results. Storing and retaining all this data, while providing real-time global access, is critical… and costly.

Business Challenges

Managing data islands in branch offices

Rapid data growth and duplication of data

Inefficient usage of server and storage resources, server sprawl

Local storage, data replication and backups cause poor recovery times

Complex IT infrastructure consumes time and capex

IT Challenges

Poor performance reading and writing to files

Inability to collaborate efficiently across sites

Inconsistent data, particularly between sites

Conflicting file versions result in data loss

Poor productivity, hampering business growth

Make Informed Decisions In Real Time

Panzura gives project teams efficient and fast access to data so that sharing large files and datasets such as seismic readings with analysts and back to the drillers is no longer a multi-day task. With Panzura’s Distributed Cloud File System and its innovative caching technology, files open in seconds so that decisions can be made at speed.

Cloud Scale And Economy

When your data growth rates are at 30% per year and climbing, you need your data storage to grow on demand. Not only does Panzura’s solution allow unlimited storage space, but our global deduplication and compression technology helps to reduce your storage needs and minimize your bandwidth demands.

Data Consolidation

While your data may be spread across multiple clouds, Panzura consolidates it so you have one management portal and one searchable location. No more data silos means your data is always accessible, so your administration and management time is minimal.

Retrieve Archive Data On Demand

The ability to analyze complete datasets, including previously archived data, helps determine where to drill, the volume of material you can expect to extract, and the effort that will be required to extract those resources.

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