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Protecting Your Data Has Never Been More Crucial

That’s why we’re here to remind you to back up your data and ensure your security protections can stand up to new threats.

Ransomware Unlocked

The persistence, pervasiveness, and documented success of ransomware attacks make it essential that critical business data is immutable to threats. Read on to learn about the latest ransomware trends powering the shift from prevention tactics to a data-resilient approach.

Ransomware infographic showing the increased frequency of attacks

Unprotected data can cost your company a pretty penny, with the average cost of data breaches, cyber threats, and ransomware attacks projected to rise dramatically in the coming years.

Ransomware infographic stat: Ransomware will cost victims $265 billion by 2031

And, everyone knows that time is money. The longer your company is down, the more costly the ransomware attack becomes.

Ransomware stat: The cost of downtime can be fifty times greater than the ransom demand

Ransomware attacks can happen quickly, with no warning. If your data is left unprotected, ransomware can strike before you know what happened.

Ransomware Infographic stat: it could take an attack as little as 45 minutes to compromise a target
Ransomware infographic: circle chart showing ransomware entry points

Without a proactive defense in place, your data could be compromised by ransomware and you wouldn’t know it until it’s too late.

Circle graphs showing the percentage of ransomware attacks that go unnoticed for six months, seven to twelve months, and over a year

When trying to lessen the damage of a ransomware attack, don’t expect the attackers to go easy on you. And don’t expect to get all of your data back either.

Ransomware stats show paying ransoms does not guarantee data return nor nor stop future attacks

Sometimes, even a backup plan isn’t enough. A plan will help to some extent, but ransomware attackers are a step ahead. Often, they already know that you have a backup in place and plan to infect that, too.


Resilience in the Face of Ransomware

Panzura prevents companies from losing valuable data. Panzura CloudFS makes cloud object storage immutable, and thus, impervious to ransomware. Any edits made by attackers don’t destructively replace the file data, but instead create new blocks. Your actual files can never be irreversibly encrypted because they can never be overwritten.

With Panzura, infected doesn’t mean affected.

Stay a step ahead of ransomware attacks. Get the latest data on the real-world impact of ransomware.

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Stay a step ahead of ransomware attacks.

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