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SAN JOSE, Calif., January  24, 2024 – Panzura LLC, a leading provider of hybrid multi-cloud data management solutions, today announced that Dan Waldschmidt has been named chief executive officer. 

Waldschmidt joined Panzura in 2020 as a refounder, where he played the pivotal role of crafting the strategy for revenue generation and moving Panzura into the enterprise market. Working with sales and marketing leaders, Waldschmidt’s integrated, sharp market insights with a vigorous sales strategy directly led to a series of record enterprise deals and record quarters.

As chief revenue officer, Waldschmidt led a 150% year-over-year increase in the customer base and doubled the customer lifetime value. Waldschmidt also guided a remarkable 288% growth over three years, 125% net retention, and maintained 98% brand loyalty. In addition, Waldschmidt negotiated agreements with 84 partners, and successfully developed and deployed an international revenue expansion plan.

“I am incredibly proud of the impressive growth that this team has achieved to date. However, our ambitions are higher and the impact we plan to deliver for the enterprise is much greater,” said Dan Waldschmidt, CEO, Panzura. “We are confident we can move even faster to provide customers with unrivaled value, security, visibility, and control of their stored data.” 

“Today’s leading enterprises are looking to unlock strategic business value through more sophisticated data storage management,” said Ben Chereskin, chairman, Panzura board of directors. “Dan is well-positioned to progress Panzura into a leading enterprise-grade business platform, and it is a natural transition given his deep industry experience and intimate knowledge of the company.”

Waldschmidt added, “I want to thank my co-refounder, Jill Stelfox, for her service to the company as CEO. Jill and I came into the company together and we achieved significant progress.”

Waldschmidt is a best-selling author, former strategic advisor to some of the world's foremost business leaders, and an elite ultra-marathon runner. He holds a record for running the equivalent elevation of Mount Everest in a single attempt.


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