Panzura Authorized Reseller - Ethos Technology

Ethos Technology was created with the aim of bridging the technology gap between the USA and the UK. We are a value-added distributor who specialises in the delivery of next generation technologies.

We recognise that the way new products and solutions are currently launched, particularly those from Silicon Valley pioneers puts UK businesses at a huge disadvantage. The UK is often 18 months to 2 years behind the US which can have a significant impact on our business operations in comparison to our international competitors; our agility, cost base and ability to scale can all be affected.

Through our reseller partners, Ethos helps bring to market disruptive, next generation technologies. Our vision is to simplify the data centre and solve real business problems whilst drastically cutting costs; this is in stark contrast to the trap many fall into of implementing technology for technology’s sake.

Ethos Technology


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